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I need to know any aspects (such ability scores peak, effects, innate abilities, flaws etc...) of the vampire as a race but also as a class (is there any difference?) and the source codes related (e.g. SPIN964).
I didn't find anything about it in the Fandom Wiki or anywhere else.


  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,198
    I don't think the game is 100% consistent with what vampires can do, certainly it's not consistent with stats. There isn't a fully fleshed-out vampire race, I don't think, not in the way playable races are with fixed bonuses etc.

    The best you can do for players is probably go by Hexxat, though it should be noted that in terms of game mechanics, her special abilities are not actually part of the race, but bestowed by her non-removable amulet. It grants: immunity to Poison/Disease/Bleed/Charm and Domination/Panic/Berserk/Sleep/Paralysis/Level Drain/Ability-Score Drain (except Illithid brain eating), and also gives regeneration of 1 HP per round.

    She's also able to cast Domination, which most enemy vampires do. Unlike most enemies, she can also cast Blood Drain and summon rats/wolves/shadows. Also unlike enemy vampires, she does NOT inflict level drain with her attacks (which would be ridiculously OP).

    I'm sure there's a mod out there somewhere that allows playable vampires under some rules; and if not, there should be ;)

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,062
    As for what abilities come from simply having the "vampire" race ... absolutely nothing. And I'm pretty sure the "vampire" class doesn't have any class features either. It's all handled with items, creature stats/abilities, and scripting.

    Level drain attacks are implemented as a "weapon" that enemy vampires have equipped. If you wanted to give that to a PC vampire, it would be as a replacement for their unarmed attack. It might work as a modification to unarmed attacks as well, like monk special abilities.

  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 908
    True, vampire attack is a weapon. You either need to create an unarmed attack weapon that use default and subsitute of weapons, but as i know it block you to use any other weapons. Or create a passive ability that add on-hit level draining ability but can use with any weapon you wield. I should create a passive ability bite as on-hit effect, and add a chance to drain levels, like 30% of the time or something.

  • MortificatorMortificator Member Posts: 21
    Sorry guys, my fault that I wasn't clear.
    Maybe we can solve the problem if I explain exactly where I'm at: this time I'd like to replicate Kain from Blood Omen: LoK (so already existing npc aren't intended). I know, I’m jumping on pindaric flights for the second time in a row.

    I already change the race to vampire. Even if I don't know exactly what its bonus and malus, I'm fine with it: eventually I’ll find out on the way. But about the vampire class: if, as jmerry said, it doesn't come up with any class feature, why does Bodhy have it? Her human version has "none" while vampire Hexxat, for example, has "thief".
    Maybe the answer will only serve to satisfy my curiosity.

    I assigned the vampire gas form and the vampire bat form but no sign of them in the related box, so I opted for the gaseous form but still miss a bat form usable "at will". Any suggestion?

    Now the sorrowful part: SPELLS
    Kain from BO: LoK, as human was a pure fighter class while as vampire he get access to some spells early in the game and earns other later. The spells are earned and become available instantly and, even though you may have five of them ready through the quick interface, you can change them at will and instantly. It works as for the sorcerer.
    I'm suppose to assign him fighter class as first, then sorcerer as second class but, as I'm sure you already know, you can't dual-classing to sorcerer. So I tried to assign him some wizard spells (but also few from cleric, as they actually match with those of BO: LoK) and make them available by modding the Memorization info 0, 1, 2, etc... through Near Infinity (that I use whenever EE Keeper isn't enough).
    The problem is: since then the game crash before I can start a new single or multiplayer game and, even if I can load the games saved, I can't test if in this way the character is able to cast spells. Plus, I don't like the idea of a game that doesn't work properly.
    I've had cheked for corrupted files and find out that all those who were found by the tool came from the .CHR test file. I deleted that file but game still crash the same way.
    What I would like to know is if someone has already tried succesfully to allow non-mage class to cast spells. If yes in what way? And is it possible that the crashes didn't arise from that changes rather than accidental action?

    Last part (optional): ITEMS
    Some items in BO are similar to BG2 spells (e.g. Slow Time macth pretty match the level 3 wizard spell SLow).
    If it's too complex I can let them as spell (if we solve the above problem) but the idea of create the Heart of Darkness artifacts tickles me a bit.
    The problem is how can I assign spells to specific items? Never tried.

    Maybe you really don’t want to waste your time with these problems, I understand, so could be better to let me sweat ;P

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,817
    Also unlike enemy vampires, she does NOT inflict level drain with her attacks (which would be ridiculously OP).

    No, it wouldn't. Level drain is not that powerful of an effect (assuming she only drained like one or two levels per hit). It merely weakens enemies (whereas stuff like stun completely disables them). While level drain can potentially kill someone, that's only if you hit them a lot of times, and as a single-classed thief, Hexxat can only attack so many times per round (unless you had her use darts or dual-wield speed weapons).

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