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Saves of Legacy of Bhaal - Does the specialization + great malison + etc works?

Guys, i an playing Legacy of Bhaal for BG2:EE and really wanna know. If i have "lower resist -> lower resist -> Great Malison" in a Spell trigger and after it I cast Finger of Death as a necromancer specialized wizard, would I reduce the enemy saves by 8(-2 from necro specialization, - 2 from Finger of Death spell, -4 from Great Malison) or the penalties doesn't stack? And considering that Legacy of Bhaal give bonus to enemy saves.

If yes, how likely is that this strategy would work on Firkraag(his save vs death is 3 on normal, IDK on Legacy of Bhaal) but i don't know how much legacy of bhaal makes him harder to resist. I din't reached any dragon YET.

I believe that i can SOLO SoD but ToB mainly the final chapter will be pretty hard. I honestly don't know if i can solo it. Summons are amazing on LoB


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,295
    Those penalties do indeed stack. A necromancer casting Finger of Death at an opponent under the effect of Greater Malison has them save at -8.

    Legacy of Bhaal... the LoB bonus is bugged. The game gives the monsters a bonus of +5 to their save rolls, but also increases the numbers they need to beat by 5, for no net effect. You can find mods to counter this and make LoB as hard as it's meant to be.

    So then, against Firkraag's base save of 3, he would need to roll an 11 - half the time. That is, if he didn't block it with his 65% magic resistance.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,032
    In general, LoB doesn't change the nature of saves or the way spells work (there are some minor exceptions to do with levels of creatures - for instance sleep won't work on any enemies as their levels are considered 12 higher than normal). FoD certainly therefore has a chance.

    Assuming you're level 20+, lower resistance reduces MR by 30 per spell, so Firkraag would reduce from 65% to 5%.

    In theory LoB gives a bonus of 5 to saves, but in the unmodded game that's bugged. The actual mechanics involved in the bug are quite complex and one result is that very weak enemies (like kobolds for instance) will fail their saving throws 100% of the time - see this thread for an explanation of why that is if you're interested. In general though you can just progress on the assumption that enemies have the same chance of saving in LoB.

    FoD uses a spell save, not death, so Firkraag needs to roll a 6 with an adjustment of -8. That means you have just over 60% chance of killing him per FoD cast (assuming of course that greater malison wasn't blocked by magic resistance originally).

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,295
    Save vs. spell, right. With that revised info, here's the exact chance of success:

    The lower resist spells definitely arrive before the malison, so the malison has a 95% chance of sticking. 65% chance of Firkraag failing his save against the FoD if the malison is on, 45% if it isn't. Combined, that's a 64% chance of failing his save. Then it's 95% to beat the remaining magic resistance with the FoD, for an overall 60.8% chance of the two-round kill.

  • SorcererV1ct0rSorcererV1ct0r Member Posts: 2,173
    edited July 2020
    It worked. Reached the dragon. On my first try, he feared me and i had to reload. On my second, i used SOME summons, not to damage him, but to distract while i run in between the chain contingency and the finger of death. He resisted the first finger of death but din't resisted the second. Instead of trying to deal over 9000 damage since how much HP he has, OHK spells and summons are the best way to handle Legacy of Bhaal. IDK if i can beat the last chapter of ToB but SoA, soloing seems easier than what i an expecting.

    Finger of Death also works amazingly well vs most enemies without requiring a chain cast of lower resistance + greater malison


  • SorcererV1ct0rSorcererV1ct0r Member Posts: 2,173
    OMG... A Demon Lord on legacy of Bhaal difficulty. A enemy which you should't even fight in the first place, which even my planetar can't damage, that can deal 60+ damage per hit got ONE HIT KILLED by my finger of death. Sure, i used 3 lower resist and a greater malison on him BUT still... A fuking demon lord in a difficulty where anything can soak 666 nukes into the face.



    I was thinking that i would have no chance on ToB but now i an just thinking that the final chapter will be a nightmare.

    Anyone here soloed ToB on Legacy of Bhaal ?

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,032
    Anyone here soloed ToB on Legacy of Bhaal ?

    You might want to take a look at this thread .

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