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[Spoiler] Advice needed about starting HotU

Ian579Ian579 Member Posts: 166
When I was still doing SoU, I googled for info about some content of SoU and accidentally learned that HotU is a squeal to SoU (or so the info claimed).

I finished SoU today and just started HotU. And because I learned from the aforementioned info that HotU is a squeal to SoU (or so the info claimed), I thought I should use my level 13 wizard (which was the character I used to finish SoU) to start HotU instead of creating a new character.

But after I used that level 13 wizard of mine to start HotU, I found that the beginning of HotU does not look like a follow-up of the ending of SoU, in which my level 13 wizard and my henchman and my summoned creatures fled into the shadow plane before the floating city crashed into the sand.

Now all I wish to know is whether the character who starts HotU is meant to be the same one who finished SoU or not so that I could start HotU with a proper character (without learning more spoilers). Thanks.


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