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Imported item locations

I'm just about to start a SoA play through after completing BG and SoD. During those I'd picked up a bunch of cool items - not just the SoD ones, but some from other mods (notably Thalantyr's item upgrades, song & silence).

I'd like to bring some of this stuff across and was thinking about where they should be (note, this might not be anything as advanced as an actual mod and might just be a hand-waving cluaconsole or shadowkeeper thing).

I think broadly there are a few places that stuff may have got to -

1) Still in chateau Irenicus (like the Golden Pantaloons) - I can imagine certain items of special interest were kept for research, or just to brighten the place up.

2) In one of the local shops - as Imoen says "they probably sold our stuff"

3) On one of the Athkatla residents- maybe they bought it, maybe they found it, maybe they got it as payment for helping Jon

4) On someone outside of Athkatla - same applies I guess, but more restrictive when thinking about how did this person get this item?

5) Gone completely - it was destroyed, hidden, or it was taken by someone who has left the region

There's also the question of if the item is truly unique - Shadow Armor is, per description, made for Shadowmasters so presumably there are "lots" of them, finding a set doesn't mean it's the same one that charname bought in Beregost; However Practical Defense IS unique ("it was commissioned by... ") so if I found that, I can assume it was the same one Khalid had worn previously (obviously in my game at least and I'm fairly certain that particular piece of armor doesn't exist in SoA).

There are a few specific pieces I'd really like early on that shouldn't be too overpowered, but I can also appreciate the story of starting again with almost nothing. Having everything available within close proximity would be sill

Anyone got any thoughts on this?


  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 1,019
    As Imoen noted, MOST of your stuff is gone. However, some pieces may be in Ribald's Adventure Mart, and several others can be found in the game in various places. However, be prepared to pay some stiff prices to get some of that gear back.

    As for the short list of things that directly carry over, those items will be found in Irenicus' dungeon. Specifically in a lock box in his private bedroom. I think everyone gets the Sword of Chaos, though.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,137
    edited August 2020
    Here are all of the existing item import locations:

    BGEE items:
    Golden Pantaloons - in a locked and trapped container near where you start in Irenicus' dungeon.

    Armor: One of several pieces, worn by the duergar chief Ilyich in the starting dungeon. The list:
    - Protector of the Second (Leather Armor +2)
    - Mail of the Dead (Chain Mail +2, default)
    - Fallorain's Plate (Plate Mail +1)
    - Chain Mail +3

    Misc: One of several pieces, on a trapped shelf in Irenicus' bedroom in the starting dungeon. The list:
    - Helm of Balduran (default)
    - Claw of Kazgaroth
    - Horn of Kazgaroth
    - Koveras' Ring of Protection +1

    Weapon: One of several pieces, on a table near the Sewage Golem in the starting dungeon. Many have alternate locations they show up in elsewhere in SoA; if you got the item at the start, the alternate location typically has a generic magic weapon of the same type. The list:
    - The Burning Earth +1 (long sword). Alternate location: held by Dalok in the Druid Grove.
    - Ashideena +2 (hammer). Alternate location: a container in the forgotten temple area under the Athkatla sewers.
    - Bala's Axe (axe). Alternate location: a container in the engine room in the Planar Sphere.
    - Suryris' Blade +2 (halberd). Alternate location: Ribald's shop.
    - The Grave Binder +2 (dagger). Alternate location: Gul Dukeem's shop (Neera's quest).
    - Staff Spear +2 (staff).
    - Staff Mace +2 (staff).
    - Arla's Dragonbane +3 (sling). Alternate location: a container in the shade temple. This one's a bit odd, as an Arla's Dragonbane you import becomes a no-name +3 sling.
    - Varscona +2 (long sword). Alternate location: Ribald's shop.
    - Krotan's Skullcrusher +2 (mace).
    - Kiel's Morning Star +3 (morning star).
    The default on this one is complicated; if you didn't have one of them in your protagonist's inventory, you get something matching their best proficiency. If you didn't have any of the proficiencies either, it chooses a default based on class. The default long sword choice is Varscona, and the default staff choice is the staff spear.

    SoD items:
    These items show up in various places, if you had them with you at import. You can bring any number of these along.
    - Voidsword +3: a container in Bodhi's lair (chapter 6).
    - Voidhammer +3: a container in Bodhi's lair (chapter 6).
    - Robe of Red Flames: worn by Edwin.
    - Belt of the Skillful Blade: a drow merchant's shop in Ust Natha.
    - Archer's Eyes: worn by a drow guard at the exit to the Underdark.
    - Helmet of Dumathoin: worn by Tarnor in the Athkatla sewers.
    - Bard Hat: worn by a bounty hunter in the Planar Prison.
    - Biter +2: Jayes' shop in Waukeen's Promenade.
    - Tangled Strings: a shop ("Storekeep") in the Bridge District.
    - Buckler of the Fist +2: Black Market Thief shop in the Slums.
    - Dragon Blade +3: equipped by Tazok in Firkraag's dungeon.

  • XanadooXanadoo Member Posts: 17

    Some interesting placements of items in there. Especially fascinated to learn how Tazok got his hands on the Dragon Blade!

    In the end I decided to add the Skie mod, which will add more of the SoD specific items (most of which I'm sure I didn't pick up, so it's just extra stuff). From the custom items I had, the only thing I added was the improved cloak of non-detection (part of the Thalantyr item upgrade mod in BG), which I gave to Brennan Risling in place of the Sandthief ring he's supposed to have and removing the regular cloak of non-detection that one of the others in that group has (is it the mage?) It's not overpowered and had become a signature item of Charname.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,181
    @Xanadoo The Skie mod doesn't add SoD items. Its adds items INSPIRED by SoD.

  • XanadooXanadoo Member Posts: 17
    ThacoBell wrote: »
    @Xanadoo The Skie mod doesn't add SoD items. Its adds items INSPIRED by SoD.

    Ah, yes, I'd spotted that in game (a slight disappointment but thankfully it's ignorable enough and I will remove that component when I inevitably start again). My reading comprehension needs some work apparently. Frankly, with all the mods I've got installed with a bunch of extra items, I'm probably not going to miss too many things from SoD.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,181
    @Xanadoo Actually, there is a mod that imports a bunch of extra SoD items to BG2. The SoD Item Upgrade mod. Not only does it carry over a bunch of the non-importable items, it even has a component to import all normally importable SoD items as well, just in case you missed anything. Even better, they all have their own Cromwell and Cespenar upgrade paths. Note that these are alternatives to the normal upgrades, since several of them take components from the BG2 artifacts.

  • darknickdarknick Member Posts: 19
    a quick question about siege of dragonspear items import.

    1) you must have sod items equipped on main character

    2) you must have sod items in the main character inventory (i guess this is the right one), no bag

    3) you must have sod items in the party in the sod savegame

    thanks in advance, play on ps4 so no mod sadly....

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,181
    Ah, the eternal woe of the console gamer. I know the pain.
    For import, equipped on your character is fine, and in your inventory is fine. I don't know if items equipped to part members transfer or not. But anything inside a bag of holding will NOT transfer.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,137
    Not other party members. It checks your party's possessions at the moment the new game is created - the character(s) imported/created, and nothing else.

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