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Rest Causes BGEE to Stop Responding

shylamanshylaman Member Posts: 159
I noticed this was happening if one of my characters wasn't fully healed. I figured it was a glitch from a mod. I just did a new install after 6 months of not playing to give the saga another play through. I went through the painstaking process of uninstalling and reinstalling again. With SCS this takes half a day.

Anyhow, after a reinstall I still have the same issue. I searched and seem others had the same problem and it could be related to a bug with healing spell at rest. However, I didn't see a fix in any of the posts. So, I removed Quayle (my only divine caster. he does have cure light wounds as a memorized spell.). Doesn't freeze without him in the party.

So, it seems to be related to healing and Quayle's healing spell. MODs I have that affect spells are Spell Revisions and SCS.

Any ideas?


  • shylamanshylaman Member Posts: 159
    Did a c couple of more tests.

    My party:
    Gnome F/I

    We are on our way to rescue Dynaheir. Currently just entered the Xvart Village map. Minsc has 10/12 HP. Game stops responding on rest. If Minsc drinks healing potion, no freeze. If I remove, Quayle no problem.

    It was happening before this, I just figured it was a buggered MOD install, but I just finished a complete reinstall. Another thread mentioned about it checking something for healing before rest, but didn't say how to fix.

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