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Airdropping a saved game did something weird to every Biography.

I just wanted to know if this was a known problem or if anyone had any idea what happened. I have IWD:EE on my iPhone, but naturally that screen is way too small to actually play on. I was just idly rolling stats and planned to airdrop my saved game to my iPad once I had a party I liked.

So I get a good group with ridiculous rolls, save, do the Airdrop thing (long press on the Quicksave icon) and transfer the saved game to my iPad. It worked as planned, until I looked more closely at my party and I realized that every character biography had changed from their usual class-specific one to the Bhaalspawn biography from BG:EE. Weird, right? And if I go back to the original save on the iPhone all the biographies are the Bhaalspawn one there now too.

The stats on this group are so good I'm half tempted to manually rewrite all the biographies to what they're supposed to be just so I can continue using this save, but I was just wondering if A) there's a faster and easier way to reset those to default and B) anyone have any idea why this happened?


  • Crispy81Crispy81 Member Posts: 5
    Responding to this a month since it was posted, but I noticed similar behavior with biographies simply playing the game on PC. I had certain character biographies "move" to other ones in the party and some of them repeat themselves in others. I wound up writing custom biographies for every member of the party for IWD:EE, which "lasted" throughout the game, but once I exported those same characters to HoW, the same weird behavior came up -- in fact, even worse. I wound up just deleting everyone's biography and forgetting about it.

    Obvious bug.

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