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Unable to get to the throne of bhaal despite clearing all 5 challenge room in the pocket plane

lollerslollers Member Posts: 153
I know I cleared them because the pop up message tells me so after killing ravager.

This might be related to the ascension mod I installed. It might also be related to the Irenicus NPC mod. Anyway, I cheated my way to the throne with the console, and the little confrontation between me, Melissan and Bodhi is cut short by "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS". I recruited Irenicus, sent him back to hell before killing Yaga Shura, so I'm pretty sure that he himself was the valid reply or link, except I'm not doing that anymore. Did I forget to mention that I'm playing version 2.5 of BG2 and that I'm playing the EET megamod saga?

Look, there is probably nobody in the world who has my specific collection of modifcations in the game. I expect that fixing this thing properly is a huge clusterfuck and people can only give general tips at best. All I want is the main fight against Melisan and the resurrected siblings. I will cut Bodhi and Irenicus out of the game if possible.


  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,300
    edited August 2020
    Need a save file.

    Anyways, its been awhile but when it comes to game stopping mod conflicts like this it isn't going to hurt if you try to run the save file free of mods (other than having to reinstall the mods later in the order you were to install them in). If this is still an issue that is probably your best bet.

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