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Simple fix for NPCs stuck on each other

ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,181
So a number of people who play on patch 2.5 are aware of a rather annoying pathfinding bug where party members will occasionally glitch and occupy the same space, preventing either of them from moving. Some people see it a lot and find the game unplayable because of it, some see it rarely and only find it a minor inconvienance. If you belong to the second group, good news! I found a real easy fix:

1.Highlight both stuck characters and tell them to stop.
2.Select 1 of the stuck npcs.
3. Tell them to move away.

The npc commanded to move should then walk through the other one that is stuck. The engine has a feature where stationary npcs can be moved through, to prevent getting stuck. The stuck glitch causes both npcs to be technically moving, while stationary. This prevents the "move through" function from working correctly.



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