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How do you use peaceable models for creatures?

I’ve seen it done before, I just have no idea how to accomplish it.

I wanted to make a Hangman’s Tree using a tree model and improved whirlwind...


  • AncarionAncarion Member Posts: 155
    Have you considered using the DLA Treant model?

    Besides that, to make a placeable into a creature you just need to add an entry for it in appearance.2da and put it into a hak. For example, if your tree model was named pl_tree01 you would: appearance.2da with a good text editor
    2.go to line 200, where it says arch_target, and copy the whole line
    3. replace an unused line with your copy of line 200, changing the line number to match
    4. replace the references to arch_target, archtarget, and c_archtarget with pl_tree01, the name of your model
    5. save the modified file and add it to a custom hak associated with your module

  • ForSeriousForSerious Member Posts: 110
    edited August 2020
    The more common and easy way to do it is under the basic tab, there is an appearance menu. The list is huge, but I found things like combat dummy and table. You may not be able to find a tree, but that's how I've seen it done with no haks required.

  • meaglynmeaglyn Member Posts: 87
    That's because combat dummy and table already have appearance.2da entries. If you want something else you likely need to add it.

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