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Question: I've seen the wiki list a lot of party interactions. Is that in the base game? Mods?

I was doing some reading on the wiki while I couldn't play, and saw lists of 'relationships' I had never seen. I'm using Ajantis here as an example:

Some were combinations I hadn't used before, like one I saw was having Ajantis, Xan, and an evil party member, where Ajantis would attack but Xan can talk him down. I use Ajantis a lot, so I made a not to try this combination out. But then I notice it lists Ajantis having a thing for Dynaheir and compliments her, and I've used them together before and don't ever remember this. Is this new to the Enhanced edition? A mod? Is the wiki just wrong? I was thinking of trying to experiment with some of these combo's, see what I could find out, but I know I've used some of these combinations and I have no idea what these 'relationships' (as the wiki calls them) refer to half the time. I admit to some confusion here, and was hoping someone could help clarify this. Thank you for your time!


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