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Audio language does not change


Bought the game today on GOG. Wanted to play with German audio and also installed the german extras pack.
But only the audio of the video sequences changed to german. All Character audio is still in english.
Is there anything else i have to do? Language in GOG and ingame are both set to german.

Best regards


  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 142
    This is a new issue introduced with the patch that came out last week, affecting all of the sound files in the game for localized languages that have translated audio (Polish, German, and French).

    It is not a setting issue on your end, and is something I've confirmed as fixed in an upcoming patch that should become available soon.
  • NadrurNadrur Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the quick reply and info. :) Guess i´ll wait then.
  • jbaudrandjbaudrand Member Posts: 11
    Nadrur: Hello, where did you get the extra audio language? I can't see them on gog.
  • jbaudrandjbaudrand Member Posts: 11
    I just discover you must purchase them for free, how illogical it is... It was under extra tab in vanilla neverwinter.. Sorry for the previous post.
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