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[Question] Fatigue mechanics

BrightL1ghtsBrightL1ghts Member Posts: 52
Hi again guys!
I've got another non-practical question, which is bothering me. I know how fatigue works in general, but have a question about exact numbers.

Wiki says:
"Creatures have a base fatigue value depending on their constitution, ranging from 4 at con 1, to -5 at con 24"

So when I calculated the required CON value for each point of fatigue, it results in 2,555555555555556 CON per each extra point of fatigue.
Sooo, the result is like that:
1 CON = 4 fatigue
3,555555555555556 CON = 3 fatigue
6,111111111111112 CON = 2 fatigue
... etc
so how are these numbers are rounded? Is it getting rounded up or down? The exact number of CON which is bothering me is 18, since for -3 fatigue value you need 18,88888888888889 CON, and if it's rounded down, then 18 con gives a decent advantage for humans compared to elfs :D


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