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Tweaks Anthology install didn't work?

KorbenDallasKorbenDallas Member Posts: 28
I have the latest version of BG2EE, SCS, Ascension, and wheels of prophecy installed without any issues. Today I installed a few components of Tweaks:
Give Cespenar Cromwell's Recipes
Bottomless Bags of Holding
Remove Fatigue from Restoration Spells
Death Cam

But when I loaded my latest save game and tested the Bottomless Bags of Holding putting ammo stacks in Dragomir's Respite, I received the container full message. Is Dragomir's Respite considered a bag of holding for the mod? I don't have a regular bag of holding yet, but my party is in Spellhold and I will at some point soon. So I'm not sure if the install worked or not, but I expected it to work on Dragomir's Respite.

And one more thing, I checked the install folder before installing the mod and it was pointed to the correct BG2EE folder.

Thanks for any help


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