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Floor/Wall/Object Composition(s) based on Environment?

Is there a non-obvious, in-game setting, that would prevent "solid" objects from being translucent?
or an Area/Module setting in the Toolset for opacity?

as seen within the NWToolSet:

notice the subtle light effect by sinking a Shaft of Light down about -4 or -5

as seen in game:

Yet. in-game, the source of the Light Shaft is seen THROUGH the floor,... which of course spoils the intended effect,...

Also,.. what happened to all the 125% Fog?!?! it is seen in the Toolset, yet not in-game.
Game settings are currently maxed out for quality, with a more-than-adequate 3D-capable graphics card.

while test-PC is a Halfling, they are not wearing anything that emits light, nor has effect True Sight or any visual-aid devices.

here is as seen from human eyes:


any ideas?
how to make floor/walls/items opaque in-game,...
how to actually have fog SEEN in-game,...


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