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Change the damage type on Flame Weapon or Darkfire

DJ_WoWDJ_WoW Member Posts: 34
edited November 2020 in Builders - Scripting
Gooday all,

I would like to be able to select the elemental damage type that would be applied via the spell Flame Weapon or Darkfire. I have a widget that toggles thru the Elements and sets the name of the widget to reflect this. When I cast Flame Weapon or Darkfire I would like the elemental damage added that reflects the current name of the widget.

i.e. The name of the widget says Acid Damage and when I cast Flame Weapon the damage done would be Acid as opposed to the default Fire.

I have looked at the script for Flame Weapon and Darkfire but not seeing a way to alter the default setting.
Anyone have a script for this or have any ideas how to apply it or to set a temporary onhit damage effect/property.

Thank you for your time,



  • DJ_WoWDJ_WoW Member Posts: 34
    Gooay all,

    I actually have this working, did not realize it. I modified the x2_x3_flamed script but did not modify the visual affect that appears on the weapon so I thought it was only doing flame damage. My bad. Nevermind

    Thank you all for your time,


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