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BG TUTU Officer Vai is not spawning even with console

KedineKedine Member Posts: 31
My head is exploding with this game... First problems with getting tutu work and now this...

I had this problem as so many others (
The little girl did not appear, I never got the Officer Vai quest and realized it after finishing the bandit camp and finishing the chapter.
I did googling and got everywhere the same answer: use CLUAConsole to spawn her.
Well, I tried, but when I write the code it just gives me "file not found".
I checked my install folder with search function for vai files and they DO exist.

I tried earlier today to create an antheg armor (since I screwed up with smith by not refusing giving the antheg shell first and he never agreed to make the armor, so I cheated one) and it worked, but now it does not create creature (vai or any other), not items, nothing. When I write the code correctly it just says "Error File not found".

baldur.ini shows history like this (in the very bottom of the .ini file):
[Lua Edit]

so it has recognized me using it...

What can I do?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,775
    it could be possible that your mod has switched the creature file for what officer vai is supposed to be hence the reason why its saying; file not found

    for your CLUAConsole commands, the first one would have been correct, although depending on how sensitive the console is with single quote marks, it would be incorrect, and if your plat06 string worked with no commas then im actually impressed, perhaps the tutu install messes up the CLUAConsole?

    although if you are using the EEs you can shorten the CLUAConsole commands to these;


    what i can do is attach the EE creature file of vai, and see if that helps ( just unzip it and place it inside your over ride folder ) although if tutu uses different dialogue strings than the default EE dialogue she may not be able to engage dialogue with you, but i guess you will just have to see

  • KedineKedine Member Posts: 31
    I have the original collection, not EE, but seems the file you sent me worked!
    She spawned! She did not buy the scalps tho (I don't know if someone else does) but I got my reputation!

    The plat06 without quotes did not work, I was just frustrated when everything stopped working that I tried with quotes, with singular and without, I just copied three latest ones from the history here.

    I tried now after got vai working with just some random items and it worked. Magic!
    Thank you very much for your help sarevok57!

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,775
    in the original BG officer vai will not buy any scalps once you finish off the bandit camp ( even if you have scalps in your inventory ) she will just give your REP point once chapter 4 starts

    in the EEs you can still continue to sell her bandit scalps pass chapter 4 as long as you have bandits scalps in your inventory, but once you talk to her with no scalps in your inventory pass chapter 4 then she will give you your REP point

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