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I was using the guide on creating a new race and was wondering if it was still up to date on adding a new race?

race_feat_drow.2da will add feats to the race drow,

however when I add race_spec_drow.2da it will not add the special abilities from the spell list.

I will be grateful for a solution to this problem.


  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 909
    I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to, can you be more specific?

    In general you add a new row to a 2da such as racialtypes.2da, then several columns will be used to enter the file name for a referenced 2da file, in this case FeatsTable.

    If you want a feat to cast a spell unless it changed and I forgot then you link the spell up to the right column in the feat. Make sure the feat is active and the character can use the feat from a radial menu, I think this involves either putting it on the creature skin or listing it (but not making it available) on each class feat 2da.
  • CaomhCaomh Member Posts: 40
    Hi FreshLemonBun,

    Thank you for taking time to respond.

    1. You are correct you add a row to racialtypes.2da to create a new race.

    2. Now lets say you want to add feats to that race. You would need to create a new file. In my case race_feat_drow.2da

    3. In one old tutorial it took it a step further and wanted to add special abilities one would use yet another file race_spec_drow.

    My question is this something which is still done? It appears not to be working.
  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 909
    Hi, it seems you are looking at a very old tutorial on how to use the Character Creator from CODI which is no longer maintained as far as I'm aware. I'm not certain because you did not link to the tutorial.

    You could still add the additional file yourself and include a column for it in racialtypes.2da, then with script or other software like NWNX you can read the entry from racialtypes.2da and add the ability.

    The tutorial also mentions changing dialog.tlk but this is not necessary. There is an offset of line number + 16777216 to use a custom tlk file in your module. So line 1 is 16777217 in the 2da's tlk reference.
  • CaomhCaomh Member Posts: 40
    Thank you so much for your answer FreshLemonBun. For now I am holding off on NWNX as that is another whole system to learn. Though that would be the solution to many of the coding problems. I do appreciate your time spent assisting me.
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