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Pool of Radiance series brought into BG2 engine

Rothe123Rothe123 Member Posts: 2
With all these enhanced wonders we have been getting... I am reminded where it all started for me.
1. Pool of Radiance
2. Curse of the Azure Bonds
3. Secret of the Silver Blades
4. Pools of Darkness
5. Ruins of Myth Drannor

to start any chance Beamdog could bring these gems into the Infinity Engine... I would buy them for 29.99 even more..


  • Rothe123Rothe123 Member Posts: 2
    Oh Need to show Temple of Elemental Evil some love as well.. maybe add more to it for more in depth story... double check against the module idk. thanks!!!

  • DrHappyAngryDrHappyAngry Member Posts: 1,577
    There are the NWN2 modules. I haven't tried them myself.
    Pool of Radiance Remastered

    Return To Temple Elemental Evil

    There's also an NWN1 version of Temple Elemental Evil.

  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,876
    The Pool of Radiance series also saw its fair share of NwN1 module remakes:
    Pool of Radiance - Special Edition
    Curse of the Azure Bonds
    Secret of the Silver Blades
    Pool of Radiance - Attack on Myth Drannor

    But as for something official? It's been long known that Beamdog is done with enhancing older titles and instead focuses on their original tiltles in the work instead.

  • smeagolheartsmeagolheart Member Posts: 7,963
    If love to play those gold box games. I never really got into them even at the time I didn't like the engine or graphics. If the engine and graphics could be brought up to something modern and resembling HD I'd like to give them a try. And no offense to fan made stuff for other engines but I'd like a polished professional product.

  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 2,626
    A lot to love about the Gold Box games. I rarely go back, because they are time consuming and often brutal. But I enjoyed the expierience. In a better engine they would be great.

    I did try Eye of the Beholders module for NWN1, and found it to be very good quality. Along with several other classic PnP campaigns. Don't underestimate module makers, especially in NWN1 where everything is so easy.

  • themazingnessthemazingness Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 701
    I'd love remakes of these. Sadly, I don't think we'll be getting them in the Infinite Engine. I think I'd like new 5th edition stuff more, but if D&D pc games caught on like back in the day, I'd love to see all sorts of old and new stuff.

  • chevalierchevalier Member Posts: 47
    ToEE was great as it was, I guess. For some reason I didn't finish the game, but I can't really recall any complaints. By now, an enhanced edition would probably be in order, though you could probably still play the base game. And it was 3E, so I guess no Infinity Engine, or perhaps an IWD2 conversion. As for PoR, some bug fixing would be in order.

  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 2,626
    edited May 2020
    Temple of Elemental Evil with the CO8 modpack and Temple+ for prestige classes is an absolute gem of an expierience and I don't think it needs enhancing myself. It's plenty good as is, and I even like the artstyle.

  • jjstraka34jjstraka34 Member Posts: 9,822
    If people are looking for their Temple of Elemental Evil/Gold Box/Dark Sun fix, that game exists in Knights of the Chalice. Other than Temple of Elemental Evil, it's THE best implementation of 3rd Edition rules in a video game (even if the classes are basically limited to 1st Edition) and while it isn't an official adaption, it is basically a campaign consisting of Scourge of the Slave Lords and Against the Giants. It's criminally underappreciated even after releasing on Steam.

  • IseweinIsewein Member Posts: 406
    edited December 2020
    The thing with Knights of the Chalice is that it is downright *ugly*. Not charmingly outdated, not lean & efficient, it pretty much doesn't have an art style at all. It's a mess of colours and sprites, clearly taking its cues from Ultima VII in terms of graphics but looking much less polished than that quarter of a century older game. And its story doesn't seem to impress many reviewers, either. For what it's worth, I love turn based FPC RPGs, but is the gameplay alone really worth getting into?

  • AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 1,217
    I'd like some of those, not a fan of Silver Blades. But after the first game (Pool of Radiance) the remake would need to take a lot of liberties - the way the original games threw huge amounts of Dragons and other high level enemies doesn't work as well in Baldur's Gate.

    The only easy way to reliable win those fights was often to win initiative and fireball everything to hell.

    But Pool of Radiance and Azure Bonds would be great.

  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 841
    edited December 2020
    Ammar wrote: »
    I'd like some of those, not a fan of Silver Blades. But after the first game (Pool of Radiance) the remake would need to take a lot of liberties - the way the original games threw huge amounts of Dragons and other high level enemies doesn't work as well in Baldur's Gate.

    At least part of that was power creep over the different editions to keep the Epic monsters reserved for Epic adventures. Using FRUA (which uses 1st Edition Rules) as the data source:
    Red Dragons are Level 11/6 Fighter/Mage with 88 HP
    Dracoliches and Blue Dragons are Level 10/5 Fighter/Mage with 80 HP
    Green Dragons are Level 9/5 Fighter/Mage with 72 HP
    Black Dragons are Level 8/4 Fighter/Mage with 64 HP
    White Dragons are Level 7/4 Fighter/Mage with 56 HP

    For comparison, Yxunomei from Icewind Dale is a Level 13/13 Cleric/Mage with 91 HP, and Firkraag from BG2 is a Level 23 Red Dragon with 184 HP

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