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Can't proceed to Chapter 10 (BG2EE ToB)

silverbaldesilverbalde Member Posts: 4
edited October 2020 in Troubleshooting
Hi, I'm currently doing a somewhat modded run of SoA+Tob with the EE games. I haven't had any issues so far but running into a major issue towards the end of ToB:

I've killed the Five and killed the Ravager, but when i hit the wheel to exit the pocket plane it directly takes me to my last visited area, no dialogue option shows up and I can't seem to find a way to destroy the plane and move to the Throne of Bhaal. I tried using the console to force the Melissan cutscene as well as jump to the area, but it's clearly 'broken" in either scenarios: Bodhi doesn't spawn, Imoen doesn't turn into the Slayer (and is "talkable" but nothing happens after the "what's going on" sentence) and Irenicus attacks but is also "clickable" which leads to repeating the dialogue in the middle of the fight, and killing him doesn't trigger anything and I can't enter the "pod areas" off the main platform. In other words, I think I'm completely stuck and something is broken.

Attached is my save file.

Any help would be appreciated. Perhaps the Ascension mod is screwing something up (fwiw, I was unable to get Balthazar to join me even with all the required stats). Is there a variable I can switch to get this resolved or something else? Can't stand the thought of having to restart right at the end...

PS: Note I've used tips on this forum and others to get the modded game to run on my iPad, however the game would run into the same issues on PC.

I had originally posted this under the French section of the forums accidentally, I have left a link to this discussion there.

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