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Another go at IWD2

UlshUlsh Member Posts: 17
edited December 2020 in Off-Topic
I know this is not really the right forum for it since IWD2 is not a Beamdog title, but I figured there's bound to be people here who know the game.

I'm an old hand at the first installment and the Baldur's Gates, but IWD2 has me stumped when it comes to character creation due to the new edition ruleset. Now I know I could go with one of the pre-generated parties but it wouldn't feel right. I want my own band of misfits.

I have tried looking for help in existing sources but I feel lost in a sea of UPPs and JUPPs and barely understand anything of it. I think guides like that aren't really for beginners like me, who barely know the difference between a skill and a feat...

Does anybody have a suggestion of (or can point me in the direction to) a beginner friendly party? Perhaps something where each character doesn't have 3+ multiclasses... That isn't designed for squatting and muling and other words that I've just learned...

There are so many things that confuse me when I look at the pre-generated party that I started out with. At least 3 characters are skilled in bluff/diplomacy/intimidation. I think 3 of them are skilled in searching. Is that necessary, the normal way to build a party? Or is it just for RP reasons?

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  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,778
    edited December 2020
    Hi @Ulsh, I have played this a game a couple of times with complex characters seeking to fine tune each with lots of planning etc... but the most fun I had was to run a basic (old fashioned) party and RP it all the way. My party consisted mostly of the basic 4 + 2:

    Fighter (Dwarf) - Melee damage
    Mage (Elf) - Arcane
    Cleric (Human) - Divine
    Rogue (Halfling) - No need for a full time rogue so I multi-classed with a Ranger (even distribution of classes) and used him for ranged attack/utility

    The additional 2 were:
    Paladin (Human) - Melee/Tank
    Bard (Half-Elf) - Support

    As far as the skills and feats went, I just matched them to the character concept...

    The bluff/diplomacy/intimidation are related to the dialog you will have along the way. You can get some different responses show based on the points you have in each. For me, my rogue was the front man so had bluff/diplomacy and my gruff fighter had intimidation. The paladin could also be your front man but be aware that you wont get some of the quest rewards (all part of RPing though). Not for my greedy rogue who use to race the paladin to the quest giver... Your Bard would also make an excellent front talker due to having Charisma as there primary stat...

    I had thought about multi-classing my Rogue with a Bard and have the 6th party member as a Druid...

    Which ever way you go, I recommend having a read of Dan Simpson's FAQ on 3rd Edition. A relatively short document with some excellent info about 3rd Ed, Base Attack and Bonus, favoured classes etc.

    Hope that helps

  • UlshUlsh Member Posts: 17
    Hey @Gusinda, thank you! That actually sounds exactly like what I want to try, just a straight, single classed party (well almost!). At least to learn a little bit of what's what and then I guess I could dip my toes in the optimizing game.

    Do you have any further tips on skills and feats (for example, how far is it really worth pumping up the social skills / are there any feats that are indispensable / any that are junk?)

    Excellent link there as well, thanks for that!

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,778
    Hi @Ulsh, sorry about the delayedresponse. I dodn't normally get my PC during the week due to teh lockdown.

    For Skills and Feats, I generally look at the role the character is doing. I don't really power play that much any more so have forgotten most of the intricate details.

    As an example, for my fighter, I want them to be the best in the weapons they use, so aim towards SPEC:Weapon (Axe and Hammer for my Dwarf). Power Attack, Cleave and Greater Cleave are a must. Maximise Attacks is also one to keep in the back of your mind.

    For my spell casters, I pick a particular field (the mage had Fire) so take the feats that suit it like Spirit of Flame and Combat Casting. Work out which Spell Focus the caster is suited for and whether you want longer spells, more powerful spells or both... Knowledge (Arcana) for the casters if they can afford it but definately with my mage as well as Alchemy.

    Because the Rogue/Ranger was mainly about Ranged fighting, then Rapid Shot etc was given here and becuase I wanted some survivability with close combat, I added Finesse and feats for the thieving side.

    For the Bard, Lingering Song is a must.

    My fillers are about improving saves.

    I think that the only Feat that didn't work was Improved Initiative. There are definatley some waste of time feats, but if the role and the personality of the character demands it, then I take it...

    For dialogue skills, I give my fighter some intimidation as my gruff hitter, my Paladin some Diplomacy and my Rogue or Bard the Bluff.

    The spell casters get Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate first... Of course the Rogue gets their fill of Disable Device and Open Lock but I also share the thieving responsibilites with the Bard and the Stealth/Scouting with the Ranger if there is a different one. The Ranger also gets Wilderness Lore, even though it really isn't needed depending on how many times you played the game. You don't need to fill up on this though.

    If I had to pass on one tip, it would be to have a capable evil character in your party for near the end. In the game with the single classes, I had the mage and bard as NE. I could go on about the RP story as to why/how they became part of the party that was defending Targos...

    Most of the feats/skills came naturally once the roles were defined, and of course for me, the RP of the character.

    Hope that helps (or made sense)

  • UlshUlsh Member Posts: 17
    Yes, it sure did!

    My fledgling party has made it to Shaengarne Bridge now. I'm not progressing very fast because, well, kids won't let me sit at the computer :wink:

    But enjoying it so far, and I'm a bit surprised of how powerful arcane magic is in this game, I was always a bit underwhelmed by it in IWD1 (apart from defensive buffs of course).

    Also looking forward to my clerics (I brought two) reaching higher levels because the fighter/cleric is my favorite class in IWD1. I understand under 3rd Ed rules a cleric gets multiple APR on their own so they already have a bit of 2nd Ed fighter in them.

    And my priest of Bane is evil :smile:

  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 3,009
    edited December 2020
    For IWD2 you really should get Weimer's Ease-of-Use Mod (one of the few mods I actually use). The improved druid shapeshift forms, the stacking for arrows/bullets/potions, and especially the "armor gives damage resistance" options are awesome.

  • UlshUlsh Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the tip, will try it out. I also love the website. Reminds me of a time when I was almost not old.

  • BladesBlades Member Posts: 167
    Clerics rule the day in IWD2. 4 Battle Priests, one Arcane Caster and 1 trap springer and you’re all set. One Cleric of Bane and one Cleric of Lathander are a must. Mix in one Monk and or Paladin level to your priest and pump/max strength, wisdom and charisma.

  • BladesBlades Member Posts: 167
    Mindchild’s Custom DLLfoz mod..... Google it. It’s sweet. Cleric Domains is also a nice add on for more Cleric options.

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