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Trying to mod hotbar icons on android, please help.

FluentFluent Member Posts: 69
hey guys. alright, so what's happening is i have downloaded and installed Reborn UI and i'm really digging it. However, the icons for things such as inventory, character sheet, map, etc.., don't change with the mod. Only the rest icon, the spell book and attack nearest actually change to the modded icons. I'm thinking it's simply a filename issue, and I have to figure out what to name the .tga files in the ovr folder to actually take hold and change those remaining icons. Can someone help here?


Thanks in advance!


  • FluentFluent Member Posts: 69
    hi again. i really would just need to know which filenames for the icons that didn't change would have to be named so they do change. example, reborn ui has a ir_inventory.tga - what filename would it have to be on mobile to actually change the inventory icon? and so on for the other icons. i know it won't be perfect as it's not designed for mobile but it would work for my purposes. thanks!

  • nivniv Member, Moderator, Developer Posts: 400
    edited December 2020

    ir_xxx icons are _radial_ icons. In this case, presumably, the inventory open action you can do on henchmen.

    The party/sidebar icons should be:

    pb_but_ ( char, chat, inv, jour, map, opts, pvp, rest, save, spell ) . tga

    Also, some tga would be compressed to .dds, so if any dds textures are in the data files, they would be preferred. You can compress to dds with e.g. nwncrunch:

    Hope that helps a bit.



    These icons live in keybif: nwn_base.key/aurora_gui.bif and are new (except the three you already see), so it's not surprising they aren't overridden.

  • FluentFluent Member Posts: 69
    Thanks, that helped a lot! However, I'm finding that the ir_xxx icons are not the same as the pb_but files, as you mentioned, and not the same pinkish hued icons that you see in the screenshots. I checked the Reborn UI files and saw those 3 are already named pb_but_xxx, which is interesting because only 3 of them are there. Does Reborn UI simply not have the pinkish icons to match the 3 that were successfully modded? I'm confused, hah. Any help getting them all to be the pinkish hue would be appreciated, happy holidays!

  • FluentFluent Member Posts: 69
    Hi. Just curious, what are the other icons named that aren't the 3 native pb_but files? I could probably find those files and change the names to override the buttons if I choose, right?

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