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Infinite Dungeons: Trigger Explored Area Quests

Alby87Alby87 Member Posts: 2
Hi guys. I'm asking here because I didn't got any response in GoG, maybe in this forum I will get the response.
I'm playing infinite Dungeons, but I never could trigger the Explored Area for some quests. I tried opening all ports, going up and down with the quest giver as an henchman... I cheated using dm_showarea to check if I missed some hidden ports.

But still the quest giver says I didn't explore the area he said. I noticed that many people asked in old NWN forum in Bioware site using, but the replies to those posts are now lost, as their links were not archived.

Do you know if I need to do something special, or is just a bug of Infinite Dungeons? Thanks a lot!



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