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Greetings from an old gamer :)

AronAron Member Posts: 94
Greetings everyone!

I am more online now, and hope to play some Baldur's Gate someday soon :)
I know that many has played online games and the Baldur's Gate series and stuff and i think
that ive come across some of you during various games :)

Id love to get in touch with my old and new friends from UO (or other online games)
so i could pick a game to play where i have most friends

My ICQ number is 3765444.
My e-mail is [email protected]
Facebook ID is connected to the same e-mail.

In UO i was best known as Ao from a guild called The Order of the Silver Serpent.
But many also knew me as UO Companion Tantos of Selune.

In WOW i was best known as Paladin Ilisar on The Venture Co and Argent Dawn.

In SWTOR i was best known as Aron Crowell on the RP servers.
Ive been in many other games aswell, but with various names and nicks.

I hope to hear from any or all of you one day, so we may share our experience
and fun on Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition :)

Warm regards

Tom Fjellheim
[email protected]



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