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Problem using Leto 1.69

I am trying to beef up one of my characters in the NWN:EE Official Campaign, but I am having a problem. I am able to add weapons and items to my character's backpack, as well as augment his Str/Dex/Con/Int/Wis/Cha, but for some reason, I can't add any armor. Every time I try to add armor to his backpack, I get the "Success" message - as if armor had been placed on the ground - but no armor actually appears on screen. Can anyone help me with this?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,830
    did you do these steps 100% correctly to save your custom character? I recall that leto can be a bit challenging at first when it comes to editting games

    Editing Saved Games

    Leto allows you to edit a character and its inventory from within a NWN save game. The following step-by-step describes the process.

    1) First, make a backup of the save game you're going to edit.

    2) Start Leto 1.69. Select Menu -> File -> Open, and in the 'files of type' drop-down box, select 'from list in file'. Browse to your \saves directory in NWN. Open the folder and then the .sav file of the save you wish to edit.

    3) The 'select resource' dialog will appear. Select 'Module' (type IFO) at the bottom of the list. Your save's character will load in Leto. Edit whatever you wish in the normal way.

    4) When you've finished editing the character, select Menu -> File -> Save As (or Ctrl + S in the Advanced Editor). In the 'save as type' drop-down box, select 'into list from file'. Select the .sav you opened earlier. You will see a warning about making backups, then in the 'select resource' dialog, select 'Module' (type IFO) at the bottom of the list as before, and then select your character (listed by account and character name) in the 'Browse Lists' dialog that will appear. Click 'OK' to save; this may take some time if your save game is quite large. When you next load your edited save in NWN, the changes you made will have taken effect.

    Important Note: Simply editing the player.bic file in your save game's folder will not have any effect. The steps above must be followed to successfully modify a character in a save game.

    Additional Note: Importing item entries into a save game character's inventory may cause the imported items to be invalid (and not appear or behave strangely), or at worst, cause the game to crash upon loading the edited save game. See Advanced under the Advanced Editor section of this document for further information and a fix for this issue.

  • NeveroddoreveNNeveroddoreveN Member Posts: 166
    sarevok57 - Thanks for your response to my post. And yes, I have followed all the criteria to make Leto work for my games. I can add items/weapons/etc, just not armor. And I have no clue why this is. So, since I can add other items other than armor, I am doing something right otherwise. And, when I put in the code for an armor item, I do get a small "success" note at the upper left-hand corner of my screen - which I get when I successfully import an item or weapon into my game.

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