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Lost My Save Right At The Beginning of Chapter 3, Looking for Easiest Way to Continue

Okay, so I was playing through the original campaign in NWN:EE, was doing absolutely everything I could in game. Finished chapter 2 of the story and just started exploring chapter 3 when I decided to take a break. During that time my HDD failed and apparently steam wasn't backing the save to the cloud because when I reinstalled the game to a new HDD and loaded the game my save was gone.

Sad sob story aside, I put 70+ hours into the game already and wouldn't ever pick it up again if I had to start over, but is there an easy way someone can offer to get me back to where I was? I know there are some character editors out there. I can't remember my character and all their equipment perfectly, but I could probably get relatively close. Then there is the matter of getting my character back to the beginning of chapter 3. Maybe some console codes or something could place me there, but I'm curious if that is possible then how will the game treat the ongoing sidequests that I had pursued to that point in the game? As I said I had done everything I could find in ch. 1 and 2, all the henchmen sidequests, etc.

I'm playing on Windows 10 using a steam copy of the game if that helps. If anybody would be kind enough to let me know the simplest way to recover from this loss I would appreciate it. Otherwise I guess I would have to leave this game unfinished and that would be a shame. I was really enjoying it.


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,266
    Probably the easiest thing to do would be to re-create your character to the best of your recollection using a Character Creation module (or just use Leto), jumping straight into Chapter 3 (since IIRC, the different OC Chapters can be started at any time), and then use the console to give yourself the various NPC reward items (e.g. Linu's Amulet, Grimgnaw's Amulet, Daelan's Amulet) since those items are the trigger to start their next companion quest in the current chapter. There are item lists out there on IGN and elsewhere which contain the console codes for all of the items in the game, so you can use those to spawn in the correct item (you might need some trial and error to figure out which is the correct version of the amulet for the chapter, or you can just spawn in all the versions to be on the safe side). If you got a special token from talking to Aribeth or Aerin Gend in Chapter 2, make sure to spawn that in too.

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