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Might and guile feat install bug (DSHADD)

sinc10sinc10 Member Posts: 1
Hi all!

I'm a long time but somewhat amateurish user of the bg modding tools but am having great success with the EE mod setup tool.

Only issue is that might and guile won't install the feat system on either 1 or 2 as it says it can't turn 'D5SHADD' into an integer. I've found the files and it seems to be a problem with either DSHADD.cre or .spl (though i can't rule out the .bam or .baff).

Have had a go at fiddling but am wildly out of my depth. Anyone got any ideas? Especially galling as I don't even play shadowdancers and only really want to get the alchemist class working! Had a good duo run going a year or two ago with my inquisitor paladin and his alchemist henchman igor and i need to get those guys back on the road!

All help appreciated...


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