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A Question on Graphical Precedence of Texture File Types

In the old days this was pretty simple. If you had both a TGA version and a (NwN) DDS version of the same texture image (and your system was powerful enough to handle it) the DDS image would be used. Now with the "fancy maps" (normal, etc. maps) and material files I'm not entirely sure. So my question is this -

If you have a material file with the same name as a DDS image, will it take precedence over the DDS file?
If yes will it do so even if the images used in the material file are TGA.

Thanks in advance.



  • dafenadafena Member Posts: 74
    If you have a DDS then it will take precedence over TGA.

    If your mtr is the same name as your texture then it will check what's inside of it and apply whatever file you have pointed.

    So if you have '" and you make a "" where texture0 is "wall02" then it will search for wall02 and load it. If you have both wall02.tga and .dds, it will load

  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 1,155
    Thanks for that. By accident I have discovered that material files overrule both types of image file. What happened is that I accidentally put the hak containing the materials below the hak that was to be overruled in the custom content list. Even though the materials files referenced TGA files and the original textures were in DDS format, NwN EE used the materials file.


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