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[Temnix Mods Hub]

UlkeshUlkesh Member Posts: 31
edited February 11 in General Modding
Baldur’s gate series is great. The first game was released in 1998, and 23 years later there are people still playing and enjoying the saga. The games are pretty good on their own, but sometimes you have to spice them up. How? With mods of course.

I lurk various forum hunting for mods and jewels. Most of them are acknowledged and get what they deserve.
Others do not get enough recognition. That’s why I’m making this topic.
The following are mods made by a guy named Temnix. He released various modules, but they are mostly unknown. Some of the ideas condensed in these modules are very very great and innovative.

I will publish a module every day, so you can keep coming back to this topic without fear of missing out.

That’s the first mod:

1) Out, brief Candlekeep (For BG1:EE) - compatible with EET.
There is a certain purity in the prologue area, born to train the new player and to annoy the veteran player by making him choose between some frivololus xp or leaving immediately with Gorion. But what if there could be more? You meet Gorion and from his words there is a certain sense of impending doom.


What if that doom finds you? With this mod, Gorions words are now reflection of reality. Waiting too much inside the Candlekeep Fortress is something you should avoid, because after some time, assassins will come hunt you.

And do not even dare to think that spilling blood in the keep is something that you can do without consequences.


Listen to Gorion and be hasty, if you want to escape Candlekeep unhurt.

You can download the mod here:

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