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Need help with modding on android

ChaoxChaox Member Posts: 1
Hi. I'm new to modding, and I have refered to this guide for help. But as I tried over and over again, I can't make it work. So I wanted to ask if there's anything I've done wrong. I wanted to make the modified patch.obb works first. I did as follows:
1. Get the obb, change it to zip file, then extract it
2. Delete the dialog.tlk in lang/en_US
3. Create an empty file, so that when I add the whole thing to an archive, the size of this file and the original obb is exactly the same. (As I do this, I noticed that although I noted down the subtraction between the obb file with dialog.tlk and the one without, when I create an empty file with that exact size, there's still some very little difference in bytes, so I delete the old empty file, create a new one with that little difference added)
4. Add it to an archive, drag it through centralfix.exe
5. Change it back to obb, then replace the original obb with this one
6. Next, I created an empty lang/en_US file. Then I copy/pasted the dialog.tlk inside, then I make a copy of that dialog.tlk file and name it dialogf.tlk
7. Add the lang folder to archive, then drag it through centralfix
8. Then I moved it to android/data/baldursgateiienhanceedition/files
Is this procedure correct, or did I mess up somewhere??? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance



  • ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 1,971
    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    You can find a large thread on Android modding here which maybe answers your questions already, or would be a good place to ask, too, in case you don't get answers to this post. I successfully installed mods in BG2:EE with the instructions found there, but it was 2 years ago and I don't remember enough details to help you (I prefer playing on PC).

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