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Nwsync file type error

echooechoo Member Posts: 42
edited July 8 in Technical Support

I solved this by reinstalling everything onto a clean linux VM.

I'm trying to generate nwsync content for my mod, and I'm running into an error that halts nwsync_write.exe

It is complaining about an unrecognized file type within CEP 2.65. Oddly, I've not had this error when nwsyncing CEP in the past.

I have my hak directory changed from the EE default, as set in my nwn.ini config. Not sure if this matters.

Any suggestions?

The last few lines of my nwsync_write output:

I, [2021-07-08T08:38:58] -- nwsync_write: Adding hak from mod: H:\NWN\NWN Diamond\hak\tkf_hands_skin.hak
W, [2021-07-08T08:38:58] -- nwsync_write: erf header field locStringSize has invalid value (safe to ignore)
I, [2021-07-08T08:38:58] -- nwsync_write: Adding hak from mod: H:\NWN\NWN Diamond\hak\tkf_loadscreen.hak
I, [2021-07-08T08:38:58] -- nwsync_write: Adding tlk from mod: H:\NWN\NWN Diamond\tlk\cep260.tlk
I, [2021-07-08T08:38:58] -- nwsync_write: Preparing data set to expose
E, [2021-07-08T08:38:59] -- nwsync_write: ResRef _handr005  u  .26224 is not resolvable (we don't know the file type); origin: Erf:H:\NWN\NWN Diamond\hak\cep2_add_phenos2.hak(H:\NWN\NWN Diamond\hak\cep2_add_phenos2.hak: _handr005  u  .26224)


I'm using the newest nwsync version from github (0.4.2)

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  • echooechoo Member Posts: 42
    I tried using nwsync_write on my mod within linux. There's no file type error this time, but it halts again with an "IOerror"
    I, [2021-07-08T09:09:26] -- nwsync_write: [0%] Writing: /media/sf_NWN_Diamond/nwsync/tkf/data/sha1/18/26/1826d4aae991d5c10dbd51d0c79e4f44ee6c8301 (iit_book_241.tga)
    I, [2021-07-08T09:09:26] -- nwsync_write: [0%] Writing: /media/sf_NWN_Diamond/nwsync/tkf/data/sha1/2c/c9/2cc9933d787e134e81446ef1aa31486e62d0eea7 (
    I, [2021-07-08T09:09:26] -- nwsync_write: [0%] Writing: /media/sf_NWN_Diamond/nwsync/tkf/data/sha1/ec/9d/ec9d5af2e35767d4b553f55e1655ab715bbf06f2 (wblhw_t_192.mdl)
    util.nim(16)             readStrChunked
    Error: unhandled exception: wanted to read 1024 but only got 0 [IOError]

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