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Cross Platform BG:EE Steam and Android

ArantharAranthar Member Posts: 2
I've purchased Baldur's Gate:EE for both Steam and Android. I'm trying to do a multiplayer game.
I can't see games created with one when I look with the other.
I tried doing a Direct Connection, but I get an error saying my client versions do not match:
Steam: 2.6.6
Android: 2.5.17

Is there a way to change Steam and/or Android to matching versions? Or is it just not possible to do cross-platform multiplayer this way?


  • ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 1,970
    edited July 17
    I don't know if it's possible to do cross platform multiplayer right now.

    If it works at all, it needs the same version, so you will have to go back to 2.5 on Steam (you have to opt in as a beta and can select the version there). Alternatively, you can opt into the Android beta of 2.6.

    If you have SoD installed on Steam, I'm not sure if it works, because SoD is a separate app on Android. So if both are at 2.5 and it still doesn't work, that might be the reason, but I'm not sure about that. You could then try uninstalling SoD on Steam if it's still incompatible I guess?

    I hope someone more knowledgeable than me will respond, but maybe how to get back to 2.5 on Steam already helps you.

  • ArantharAranthar Member Posts: 2
    On my Android tablet, I joined the Beta. Then I was able to update BG:EE on the tablet. Afterwards, I was able to see and join games hosted by the Steam version. Hopefully this helps anyone in the future encountering this issue.
    To get beta versions of apps
    Important: To get the beta version of an app, the app must already be installed on your device.
    Open the Play Store Google Play.
    At the top right, tap the profile icon.
    Tap Manage apps & devices and then Installed.
    Tap an app to open its detail page.
    Under “Join the beta,” tap Join and then Join.

    It took a while for the tablet to identify the beta was joined. Then the app was eligible for an update. The update downloaded 2+ GB, but thought 100% was ~700 MB. However after a while it completed, and now works fine.

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