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BGEE ROLEPLAYthrough - TN Kensai>Cleric [Minimal Metagaming/Reloads]

SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 106
Hello again,

I've decided to roleplay a true neutral Kensai>Cleric character. Both of my other rolled characters (a CE Berserker and a LN Cleric/Mage) are in the beginning-ish of SOA, and I've been playing a lot of SOA/TOB recently, so preferred a return to BG1.

Also no "catchup" posts this time because I did just roll the character today (although I had the concept of the character for a while...).

Like always, these are the parameters of how this minimal metgaming, minimal reoad "roleplaythrough" will go:

-PLAYTHROUGH of the entire BGEE saga from BG1/TotSC to SOD to BG2 to TOB. Core rules, unmodded.

-ROLEPLAY. I try to create a realistic character, I use the "Enneagram" personality system to get a good personality archetype, make a bit of a backstory and choose an alignment. This basically determines which quests I end up doing, which companions I keep, what areas I explore, in what order, and what dialogue options I choose.

-MINIMAL RELOAD. To me this means I reload when CHARNAME dies but try to roll with everything else. I do give myself case-by-case forgiveness for human error and real-world issues. I will record every time I reload this time, just for my own curiosity.

-MINIMAL METAGAMING. I go in without any preconceived plans for what I'll do during the run. I try to react naturally as the character would in that moment. I have a plan for weapon proficiencies and dual classing if applicable, but nothing from a plot or companion perspective.

Part of this whole thing is I like to see how many random vanilla BG experiences I can generate just by going through it with a different personality and with different motivations. I probably average ~75% of the game's content each run. Often I miss out on some of the best equipment.

So, here is the PC build and bio for this go-round...:

Human Kensai (13)>Cleric
True Neutral
Enneagram Type 5w4 "The Iconoclast"

Dualing at 13 means I will be a single-class Kensai through BG1, TotSC, and SOD. It will be 750K xp into Shadows of Amn when I dual--about 29% of the 2.45m xp total designed for SOA. It will take 1.35m more xp as a single-class Cleric (about 55% of SOA) to regain my Kensai skills, becoming a real "multi" at 2.6m xp, with about 350K experience to go before the classic BG2 cap of 2.95m. So at the latest, I'll be fully actualized for the final battles of SOA and then all of TOB. But I have an upfront understanding that for the large majority of the saga, I'll be playing a single class--with half of SOA being an underleveled single class. That's all OK.

Plan to focus on:

Quarterstaff: +++++
2HW: ++


(I rolled for about 15-20 minutes, about 400 rolls I'd say, eventually felt good enough about an 88. Kept STR, DEX, and WIS at 17 (only rolled an 18/37 for STR), and maxed CON. I feel his intelligence could be a little higher for his personality/bio, but ehh not worth it to sacrifice combat stats any more, his WIS is good and high.)


Despite the circumstances of your birth and adoption, you consider yourself very blessed in your upbringing in comparison to what may have been your fate. Gorion made sure to care for your every need and provided you an education to be admired by scholars across the realm. You were a relatively smart child and as you grew older, you began to surprise Gorion with some of your wit and cunning, and wise perspectives on old dogmas. You generally have very broad and "detached" points of view of the world, which can actually lead to some keen insight, if raising eyebrows at the same time. You had an interest specifically in mythical and divine lore; some part of you has always been deeply curious about the unknown and the "universal."

But beyond that, you are a big overthinker and deeply cerebral, much preferring to withdraw and take time to ruminate on things before any sort of hasty decision. You hate to be rushed or even more generally, told what to do or scolded in any way. You have developed a very strong independent streak and yearn to be self-reliant, even if some part of you knows you will need help at various points throughout your life. You respect laws and order, but you're not entirely trusting of authority, and definitely not authoritative yourself.

Due to your excellent upbringing in Candlekeep and Gorion et al's love and assurances, you grew up to become very confident. Combined with your very introspective nature, you've learned to trust your own beliefs and self-knowledge over anyone else's, almost stubbornly so.

Meanwhile, you were gifted athletically and used martial training primarily as a way to hone your physical, instinctual side. Focused training and endurance exercises are almost meditative for you. Because of your natural speed, thinness, and lightness, you initially took on the ways of the Kensai. Through your own independent research and practice, you learned some unique (albeit rudimentary) skills that the Watchers of Candlekeep could never teach you.

Because of your wit and wisdom, you're a capable talker and truly able to treat people with respect and openness, even warmth at times (if much more rare and dependent on your mood). So you get along well enough in various tiers of society, and can even venture into charismatic and charming territory for brief spurts, although it can be draining for you. You don't get to know or trust too many people, but are very connected and loyal to the close friends that you do have.

Maybe surprisingly, you do tend to try to be optimist, even when sometimes planning for the worst. You do believe that focusing on good things can help make them happen, through prayer and service to the gods (especially Helm). Some part of you always felt you had a grand connection to the as your physical training as a Kensai peaks, but your intellectual and spritual journey continues, the transition into a true and powerful Cleric will be your path (whether you know it in the beginning or not).

Your main motivations in life, on a subconscious level, really revolve around having surety that all of your needs will always be met, both physical and mental. In an ideal world, you are free of distractions and have all the time in the world for your Kensai training and in-depth study of divine lore. You tend to be selfish and individualistic in your collection of resources, always looking out for your own way of life before others'. While your needs are minimalist--you don't desire to have countless riches or uncontested power--you are prone to harshly staking claim to whatever you do decide you need. 

And while you do believe it's the right thing to do to help others, you tend to be risk-averse. Again, as a general rule you will put your own safety and needs before others. While there are exceptions, especially for loved ones and through times of great growth...for the most part you'd rather keep to yourself and avoid sacrifice, versus getting involved with others and having to give up anything you might not want to. In a way, most of the politics and happenings on the Sword Coast seem "beneath" you; or just very uninteresting, compared to what your own clerical interests.

The fantasy of escape to a life of comfortable, contemplative solitude, somewhere away from all your responsbilities, is always in the back of your mind. While others may be personally drawn to you, and you may even reciprocate at times, you will always be a "loner" on a fundamental level.

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  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 106
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    Baldur's Gate 1


    [Day 0]

    7AM. This morning, Gorion gave me instructions to hurriedly equip myself for an unexpected journey outside Candlekeep. He wouldn't tell me what it was about, which is frustrating. I was planning my own activities later today, but it looks like I just have to do as I'm told...I soon spoke to some tutors, Firebead, and Phlydia, etc. but none of them had any information about what this trip could be about. I wasn't interesting in doing their fetching-type errands for them either--much bigger things on my plate!


    I did take a look around the Priest's Quarters, Temple, and some of the other outer buildings, just in case I may have left something useful there! Want to make sure I have everything that might belong to me before we head out...

    Within minutes, someone named Shank attacked me in an attempt to kill me! I was able to use my Kensai training to defend myself and fight back; but I fear I may have killed him! What in the hells is going on here?! Does this have something to do with why Gorion and I are leaving?


    8AM. Another attack, this one from a guy named Carbos. I tried to tell the Tutors and Watchers, but everyone just urges me to go to Gorion and get a move on. Seems like good advice I should follow...



    [Day 1]

    Chapter 1

    7AM. We were ambushed overnight by an armored figure and his apparent gang of thugs and murderers. Horrifically, they killed Gorion in an attemp to kidnap me--what could possibly be going on? I retreated to the ignorance of sleep, but was horrified to realize again in the morning that it wasn't just some awful nightmare.

    Apparently Imoen followed us for the past day out of Candlekeep; I guess that's good. It's nice to have someone around so I'm not completely adrift, however shell-shocked I am. Now that we are on the road ourselves, her thief skills may finally come in handy... In the long run, I'm not sure how much Imoen should be involved in all of this, though.

    Gorion told me that he has friends at Friendly Arm Inn, and they might be able to shed more light on what exactly is going on here. But right now I'm extremely concerned that the murderers may still roaming around the general area--my gut tells me to go far, far away from the path, disappear as best I can into the wilderness until I can be sure it's safe to make my way carefully to the Friendly Arm. There is some comfort in being completely hidden away.... But first I'm going to carefully try to find the letters that Imoen talked about on Gorion's body.


    As I approached, I saw a halfing and a wizard in the distance, along the path. I veered even further away from the path, not looking to interact with any more strangers whose motives or identities I have no idea about.

    Upon retrieving the letter, it seemed it raised more questions than it answered. But it's clear I'll have to search out Khalid and Jaheira and see what they know about this all. But my stronger urge, due to the danger I've seen, is to head AWAY from civilization. It would be reasonable for those chasing me to think I might try to find shelter and supplies at the Friendly Arm or in Beregost--instead I'll do the opposite, and head the other direction. I know that Imoen and I are more than capable of camping and laying low. I dare not even try to return to Candlekeep.


    On our way, a wolf attacked us--it almost killed me [got me down to 2 hitpoints after a 12 dmg hit--good thing I maxed out CON], but one of the Potions of Healing we have came in very handy.


    5PM. We made our way south to the High Hedge region, and proceeded southwest from there, making camp eventually. We ran into a walking skeleton! I've never seen one of them before, but we were able to destroy it. Life on the road may be as interesting as everyone said it would be...

    [Day 4]

    10AM. With fear and adrenaline still holding steady, and thoughts racing faster than they have been yet, we had kept pushing south and found ourselves somewhere between Beregost, Nashkel, and the coastline. We were attacked by more skeletons, but found a small somewhat-sheltered area to make camp for a couple of days.


    As it turns out, the wilderness seems to be crawling with skeletons, and we're attacked a couple times each day and night as we try to rest up to heal. With the continual undead battles, my injuries aren't getting too much better at all.



    Today, I may try to scout out more of the surrounding area to see if there's a better spot to make camp? I'm not sure how long to give it before I head back to the Friendly Arm, but I know a few more days will only help. Even though these aren't ideal circumstances, I feel much more at ease out in the middle of nowhere, where no one knows where I am.

    My current party:

    Majkfoucce - Level 1 Kensai (Quarterstaff)
    Imoen - Level 1 Thief


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  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 106
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    [Day 4 Continued]

    12PM. While roaming around the general area, I ran into a rather harmless travel who was running from a talking chicken. Interesting, but I didn't know quite what to make of it. After a couple more wolf attacks (intense battles, to be sure--I'm running low of healing potions and magic missile charges from Imoen's wand...), I ran into this chicken himself, apparently a polymorphed wizard named Melicamp.

    0kgfzgg1jcj4.png (575)

    He was friendly enough and didn't pose too much of a danger; and eventually I'll be headed back up that way to get to the Friendly Arm, so I don't mind meeting up with a mage on my way. In the worst case, I can dump the chicken and run off if the mage ends up being hostile. But I've seen many mages in Candlekeep in my day, and not all of them are unreasonable.


    That being said--I may spend a few more days out here, still basking in being hidden out in the wilderness. I guess at this point though, a few people have seen me.

    [Day 5]

    5AM. I had the idea to have Imoen try to set traps before we rested every night; even though she isn't that skilled, IF she could set a good one, it would be extremely beneficial to hurt any monsters or animals trying to interrupt our sleep.

    However, I didn't realize how lethal she was making the traps. While setting one up, it blew up in her face and killed her. Ugh, another dose of brutal reality: I can't let my guard down out here in the wilderness, and it might actually be too much for me to handle by myself at this point. Unlike Gorion, I *will* be able to resurrect Imoen at a temple somewhere, so I take comfort with that.


    And then: another wolf attack. I used my last potion of healing and decided to make the journey back up to Thalantyr that morning. I may have preferred to hide out in the wilderness a little longer, but it's not worth dying for.

    10PM. After traveling all day, I arrived back in the High Hedge region very late in the evening with the goal of finding Thalantyr. Meeting and potentially befriending someone--anyone--outside of Candlekeep could be a huge help at this point. I fought some skeletons and now, gnolls. Being worried about how much damage they might be able to do with their halberds, I used my superior speed to keep them several yards away while throwing daggers back at them when I could--it wasn't a stategy I was especially proud of, but it was a strategy of survival that eventually worked.


    So I decided best to rest again until morning where I at least I have the light of day on my side. I'm worried about more hostile interruptions as I sleep, but I guess it's nothing I can avoid. Hoping I can find Thalantyr soon upon waking up.

    [Day 6]

    7AM. After some more roaming in the morning, I stumbled upon a large fortress-like outpost called High Hedge. There are some additional gnolls outside; but before I decide to risk my neck clearing the entire circumference of the place...I figure I'd go inside. This looks to be as good a bet as ever as Thalantyr's place a residence; a rogue I briefly met named Permidion Stark even mentioned there was a mage living here.

    8AM. Seeing how Thalantyr was something of a curmudgeon (and being almost scared away by the magically invincible golems), I at first just dropped Melicamp off and attempted to take my leave; but I thought, eh, he's not that angry, let me ask if I can help in any way. Luckily, they simply needed a human skull--and I knew where I could find one outside. Thalantyr was able to restore Melicamp into his true human form, and the whole adventure actually gave me quite a bit of experience into the ways of the world.


    9AM. I sold some of the belongings that were dropped by the various enemies we had defeated, and bought a pair of healing potions. Even with Imoen gone, I felt newly confident to last out in the wilderness by myself. I looked at my routes north to the Friendly Arm Inn--it would be right through the path that we were ambushed. It's only been six days; it can't hurt to wait a little longer, farther away...

    I ran into a character named Kivan; I was not eager to reveal to him my identity or business, even though he seemed cordial enough...maybe we'll meet again one day.

    pq5av2bj7ei4.png (598)

    Before the long journey back down south, I decided to rest again to heal; I had a few more monster encounters, including a Huge Spider--my toughest enemy yet.


    [I am sad to report that Huge Spider was my first reload...damnit. I was hoping to push my first reload out longer. And it was very foolish, I just stayed there and kept meleeing it. I thought I'd be fine if I drank my healing potions when needed, but using Kai and poison damage meant I couldn't chug my next healing potion in time to combat the poison. Tried to run away but was way too late...I need to re-learn my low level tactics.]

    [Day 7]

    10AM. I headed south again, but not to the same region I had half-explored earlier; people had seen me there, so best to stay away, just to be extra careful. Instead, I veered more eastward, unfortunately running into the Coastway path, one of the major things I had been trying to avoid. I immediately proceeded back westward, making camp once I felt I was safely away.

    [Day 9]

    1AM. After making my way farther west, I got into some trouble. I looked to have an easy enough time camping by a large boulder, only bothered by a couple gnolls during the previous night. As I explored more of the area, I started fighting half-ogres, one at a time--fleeing and using the strategy of throwing daggers from a safe distance.

    Apparently, this caught the attention of some nearby thugs--someone named Teyngan and a group of his friends. They demanded my money--but no way. I knew I couldn't take them, but I trusted my ability to run away. Well, Teyngan was FAST, and it was much harder to lose him than I thought; I also made my presence know to the rest of the half-ogres in the area, and another damn skeleton. Well, I ended up having to run back eastward, fleeing for a half a day before arriving back at the Coastway...ugh.



    [Day 12]

    7AM. I spent a few more days wandering the region between the coast, Beregost, and Nashkel, but I never truly got comfortable anywhere, or found a safe, hidden recluse where I could truly just wait and wait without worry. Instead I was harrassed by bandits and monsters (mostly monsters) for the extent of it. I soon became itchy to figure out what has caused my exile here, thinking it'd been enough time at this point that my would-be abductees still wouldn't be hovering about so close by.

    I stopped by Thalantyr again at High Hedge, but continued my way north, sights set on the Friendly Arm, and Gorion's friends who are staying there.

    [Day 14]

    5PM. I finally made it to the Friendly Arm, two weeks after Gorion's murder. I am ready for the comforts of inns and beds; the wilderness was harsh to me, Before I head in, I want to circle the circumference of the walls; just to put my mind at ease that there aren't thugs waiting around for me...


    8PM. I rounded the outskirts of the walls of the Friendly Arm first, scouting for danger for my own peace of mind, and fighting some hobgoblins in the process.

    And as I feared, there did eventually turn out to be a threat, but it was from inside the walls...apparently it's not just the gang of thugs looking for me, but a bounty has been placed on my head for all EVIL bounty hunters to cash in on...not good. A mage named Tarnesh tried to kill me as I entered the Inn. I got a very good swing in in the very beginning, and managed to resist enough of his magic for as long as it took to bash through his mirror images. I'm injured, but alive.



    I go to the Temple first to heal myself and buy three more healing potions. Part of me panics--there may be more killers waiting for me inside. But what other option do I have? I really need to find answers, now more than ever.

    Once inside, I finally found Khalid and Jaheira. Very unfortunately, they have no knowledge about my circumstances or who could be after me. But they offered to travel with me, help look after me until I'm settled somewhere, as a last service to Gorion. While I'm disappointed, this is actually most appreciated; even when I resurrect Imoen, the two of us face a number of challenges on the road, especially without any kind of spellcasting ability.

    They look to have urgent business in Nashkel, having to do with the iron crisis. I have no interest in heading south to Amn; instead, I'll take heed of some of Gorion's last words--that we could blend in to the throngs of people in Baldur's Gate. That makes sense to me, and part of me has always wanted to escape Candlekeep and live in a big city. If Khalid and Jaheira could travel with me to the Gate, I'd be very grateful for just that, then they can continue along on their business.


    [Day 15]

    1PM. The Temple of Wisdom was able to resurrect Imoen, and I decided to stay at Friendly Arm Inn for a day before beginning our trek up to Baldur's Gate. This afternoon gave me a chance to check out more of the Inn. I had brief interactions with Dorn, Unshey, Landrin, a few noblemen, but not especially impressed with the guests here. At least the Temple is very helpful.


    [Day 16]

    11AM. On the next day's journey up to Baldur's Gate, we ran into a Farmer Brun. I accidentally offered to help him, thinking he needed someone to hop up on the roof for repairs or something of that nature. Instead, he is looking for his missing son--probably dead from monsters, I'm assuming. Sigh...I'll see what I can do, but I can't spend too much time on this...

    And what do I get for sticking my neck out for people? Well, we did see a cave to the west as the farmer described. I figured we'd creep in, run at the first sign of danger. Well, I overestimated our ability. A mammoth Ankheg sprung out of the ground and killed Jaheira in two acid attacks (I had her run from the battlefield after the first one injured her, but the Ankhegs have a superior range and she couldn't get away far enough). Khalid, Imoen and I were able to slay the beast, but any more exploring in that cave is way beyond us. I told the farmer as much.



    We will try to get Jaheira resurrected when we arrive in Baldur's Gate...I still work to avoid the Coastway as much as possible as we make our way up.


    4PM. Late in the afternoon, we make it to the city--but it's closed off! Due to bandit activity, they're not letting anyone in or out, which seems crazy. But I nodded and we moved on--what the hell am I going to do now? I guess we'll return to the Friendly Arm while I think about it, needing services from the Temple of Wisdom there.


    8PM. On the way back down, some fishermen told me of a Priestess of Umberless causing storms and turning the weather sour when they try to fish. This is exactly the type of divine magic I want to learn about and study. I agreed that I'd look to help--I'm not trying to "strong arm" anyone, but I wouldn't mind having a talk with her at some point. First thing, however, is to regroup at the Friendly Arm.

    [Day 17]

    2PM. Back at the Friendly Arm, and Jaheira has been resurrected. It cost 200 of our 203 gold pieces...

    As a stash point for items I don't want to sell yet (an Ankheg shell, Joia's Flamedance Ring, Perdue's Short Sword, etc.), I started using the desk on the far right in the back room on the second floor.

    [Day 18]

    6AM. After another night's stay at the Inn, I finally thought of my plan...since Tarnesh's note said I was in the vicinity of Candlekeep, it makes sense to get as far away as possible for the time being. Beregost is way too close, being the nearest town to Candlekeep. And I already feel I've been getting too comfortable here at the Inn; who knows when the next Tarnesh will show up? Yes, I need to get out of here this morning.

    Baldur's Gate wasn't an option, and since Khalid and Jaheira want to go to Nashkel anyway, it makes sense I'd journey with them down there. Once in Amn, I'll think about my next steps. Athkatla is a ways journey south from there, but it's even bigger than Baldur's Gate and even easier to disappear in.

    But depending on how the setting suits me down in Nashkel, maybe I even make an extended stay out of it while figuring out all the pieces of this mystery.

    Part of me wants to walk down the Coastway confidently, but Jaheira getting killed by the Ankheg shook my confidence in that plan. So we'll get even farther away from Candlekeep, disappear again, and travel down in the wilderness EAST of the Coastway this time, eventually approaching Nashkel from the northeast...again, I'm very grateful for Khalid and Jaheira and even Imoen for making this journey with me.



    [Day 19]

    7AM. The best way to stay off the path was to travel through Larswood first, then head south from there. This morning, Jaheira began to urge us to move quicker to Nashkel. She must want to take the Coastway to be quicker; she may not realize that the whole reason for us staying away from the Coastway was because the same people that murdered Gorion and tried to kidnap me are still out there looking for me, along with who-knows-how-many evil bounty hunters. Come on, Jaheira! I'm still appreciative, though.



    [Day 20]

    12AM. South of Larswood, and late at night, we ran into an eerie statue garden in the middle of nowhere. Our group approached cautiously until we made out a basilisk in the distance! Ugh, I know these things can turn people into stone, and at this point we have no way of combatting that. The four of us flee away and run east for several hundred yards, and somehow it doesn't turn hostile--it may not have seen us.


    [Day 21]


    6AM. We arrived in Gullykin last night. This settlement wasn't on our map but it looks to be a small, peaceful village. I paid a brief visit to Alvanhendar the village healer before we made camp within the village itself--surviving a kobold attack overnight. Apparently our arrival is causing quite the stir, so it means we must be passing through all the more quickly.

    My current party is:

    Majkfoucce - Level 3 Kensai (Quarterstaff)
    Khalid - Level 3 Fighter
    Jaheira - Level 2 Fighter/Level 2 Druid
    Imoen - Level 2 Thief

    Reputation: Average (11)


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  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 106
    [Day 21]

    6AM. Overnight, I did some more thinking about who could want to kill me and why. I've assumed it had to do with Gorion's business...and maybe they think that I, as his ward, may have something to do with that business, whatever it is. Perhaps what might work is some type of rational explanation how I had nothing to do with anything involving Gorion and the Harpers? So I'll be on the lookout for more information about it, although it mostly seems I'll be dodging assassins in the near future.

    In the morning, I spoke to Gandolar Luckyfoot again. He had said some kobold troops had dug into the old Firewine ruins...promised a gift if we could rid them. Yes, well a pack did actually attack us overnight. They're easily enough dispatched, and I have a few companions with me...why not take a quick jaunt down to scout it out? Hopefully I can still be out of here by early tomorrow..


    12PM. After spending the morning in the Firewine ruins (fighting kobolds, encountering undead knights, and defeating a very tough skeleton), I decided to retreat from the ruins for the time being. We were all battered down pretty good, I figured we probably need to rest up for a little while outside before making our return. I did not immediately return the ruined armor; rather hold onto it for a bit, see if any information spills out during this crawl. I am intrigued, I will admit.




    [Day 22]

    7AM. After clearing what seemed like 95% of the ruins, we were injured enough again to call for retreat and rest, so that's what we did. Don't want to rush it and get one of us killed--we don't have the money for resurrection, and still have a few days' trip in the wilderness before Nashkel.


    4PM. After digging in deeper, we turned a corner and there he was: a hostile mage named Lendarn and some type of golem (flesh?). He immediately casted Improved Invisibility, and I knew pretty quickly we were outmatched. My entire party retreated, but the mage got off a cast of Lightning Bolt. I haven't seen magic this deadly yet. Khalid and Imoen were my advance team, so they got the worst of it, but it rattled down the narrow hallway, hurting Jaheira too. When the smoke cleared, Imeon was dead, but the surviving three of us managed to run back out to the winery.


    The halfings in charge up here are absolutely no help. I'm ready to walk away from this fool's errand. But I want to recover Imoen's belongings, and get some vengeance too, so I may end up clearing the dungeon anyway as we head back in. But I need to rest up a lot more first in Gullykin. I do not have the gold to resurrect Imoen.

    [Day 23]

    8AM. In the morning, Jaheira had some rather stupid and unkind words for me. I'm "lazy" and she really really wants to go to Nashkel. Well, as far as I'm concerned, as soon as we finish here in Gullykin, she and Khalid can go off by themselves to do whatever they want. Sorry it's such a big deal to go on a small detour while fulfilling your oath to your dead friend. Imoen and I have survived by ourselves in the wilderness before (arguably...), so I'm sure we can do it again.


    9AM. I recovered Imoen's belongings (mostly gems and jewelry that I had her carrying); we spied Lendan around the corner, but knew he was too powerful to face. We made the long walk back to the surface. I also decided to give the ruined armor the undead knights, making them whole and gaining some divine experience [i.e., experience] at the same time.


    [Truth be told, it took TWO reloads for me to figure this out. I cast Bless and rushed Lendarn, and when he went Invisible, I started fighting the golem, eventually got destroyed by Lightning Bolt again...PC and most companions dead. Second time, I retreated down the hall again when he went Invisible. He still managed to to cast a Lightning. It only hit Jaheira, and she healed herself. At that point, my only tactic again was just rushing him with melee. Between the II and his offensive spells, we all got beat down again. After this time, I said, it makes sense RP to say, "hey we cannot handle this right now, maybe another time."]

    6PM. I convinced Jahiera to stay for the rest of the day to heal me in the evening, and she did, but then we all rather curtly split ways. I was planning to stay a few more days in Gullykin to heal a little more, and quite ironically, it turned out Khalid and Jaheira ACTUALLY were doing the same, despite their stance that doing anything other than heading in a straight line to Nashkel is "laziness".


    [Day 24]

    3AM. Kobold attacks, even within the confines of Gullykin, were rampant overnight. I see why the halflings stay inside. Khalid and Jaheira actually offered no support at all, even though they were camped nearby. Unbelievable...great friends Gorion had. I don't even care at this point.


    I actually got so hurt I had to spend what gold I had on the priest to heal soon as the morning comes, I'm out of here. It's not safe and I'm rather just sick of it.

    [Day 27]

    12PM. I ventured south to the outside of the Firewine Bridge. I saw a relatively secluded cactus patch with some cover, and Bentan, a Cleric of Ilmater I met, had been previously making camp, or at least staying for some time there. I wanted to heal further, and without a healer, it will just take some time out here. But again, with no urgency to get to Nashkel, I don't mind resting a few days in solitude.


    And it was safe at first; but after a day or two, there were more skeleton attacks, just like a few weeks ago with Imoen. I thought I'd be OK, but my travels turned harrowing. I wasn't able to heal or rest comfortably out here and with constant monster attacks, I've taken on mortal injuries [2 HP left, actually] and I fear my death might be imminent. At that point, I decided it was a likely death sentence to make camp out here again.


    I realized I would have to suck up my pride and head back north to Gullykin, hopefully find some aid there from Jaheira, or if they've moved on, rest right outside the Temple so I can flee inside immediately in case of a Kobold attack.

    [Day 29]

    4AM. A grueling two nights' trip trying to get back to Gullykin. I first tried backtracking my way north, but was stopped by some kobolds. With my wounds the way they were, I didn't dare fight; the only way I could avoid taking hits was to flee all the way back to Firewine. From there, I tried to enter Gullykin from the west, by way of Ulcaster. This worked, but it took sleepless marching through the night.

    At one point I was ambushed by hobgoblins. I had been carrying around one Potion of Invisibility. I knew if I didn't drink it immediately, I would be killed--thank Helm it worked. I slipped out and in the early hours made back to the village.


    Still without gold to heal myself, I sought out Jaheira and Khalid, who were suspicially still there after all these days...maybe they are going through their own issues I don't know about, or just worried to travel by themselves, too? That doesn't stop them from immediately complaining about going to Nashkel. But I don't really have any leverage this time, I knew I'd have to head there with them soon, as we may need each other.


    9PM. I even agree to leave in the evening hours and march throught the night...

    [Day 31]

    3PM. We traveled south and southwest; I decided I'd like to travel around the Firewine ruins a bit for curiosity's sake, but it was mostly eventless other than meeting a young bard. (I'd like to throw him some gold, we are rather low on it ourselves though.)


    Eventually we run into a group of bandits...Ioin Gallchobhair? Again, I have no interest in handing over any money, banking on that we can flee away without must cause for concern. While doing just that, we run into a group of ogres, which a halfling had warned us about. I try to fight them, but they actually kill Khalid as more and more come out of the woodwork. Jaheira and I, mortally wounded both, flee back east for hours and hours until we lose them, back in Gulllykin where we tried to rest again.




    [One reload as we were attacked by skeletons overnight as Jaheira and I tried to rest. Awakened by 4 skeletons with bows with 5 HP left, I got to the zone border. In fact, the map screen loaded, but it was frozen since my character was killed the instant before. I could ESC out just fine though.]

    [Day 33]

    6PM. After some of Jaheira's healing magic in Gullykin for a couple more days, we traveled to Nashkel through the same path, recovering Khalid's belongings and narrowly avoiding both the bandits we had run into earlier and (most of) the ogres along the way this time.



    Chapter 2

    6PM. Jaheira and I arrived in Nashkel in the early evening, approaching from the east and the carnival area (although we didn't see any of the carnival tents as we passed through the area).

    I cautiously approached the town. Seeing a mage in red (Edwin) on the bridge, I decided to keep my distance for now--memories of Tarnesh attacking me outside the Friendly Arm. I'll wait at least until some of my companions are resurrected and I'm settled in, before announcing myself to all the locals.


    I head to the Belching Dragon first, as the first major establishment I see, to get some news or information about the town here. I then entered the Garrison, maybe to just to introduce myself and again--gather info if anyone strange has been loitering about town, that I may consider a possible threat.



    I also shied away from a warrior hanging outside the Garrison (Minsc). Like the mage, maybe I'll introduce myself once I'm settled a little more.

    7PM. Commander Brage going mad seems to be the talk of the town; apparently they were looking for him out west? Seems like quite the villain. Once I talk to Berrun Ghastkill, it seems like there is a major problem in the mines too, and now I'm realizing that's one of the major causes of the iron crisis we've seen on the Coastway. (Oublek and I did not get along too well, by the way, after an initial good impression I made.)



    Looks like this town can really use help, in multiple ways. I AM a warrior by profession, so maybe if I can lay low in Nashkel for some time, I can actually start establishing a life for myself as a local "adventurer". The mayor already pushed me into that role, more or less, since he saw I was traveling with Jaheira. But, I still need to decide if Nashkel is a good place to stay for a while, I still don't know what else awaits me down here...

    I still have every intention of parting ways with Jaheira when possible, but I'll make sure to resurrect Khalid first. I don't have the gold right now to resurrect him or Imoen, though.

    8PM. I was relieved to finally find the Nashkel storekeep and offload some of the wares I had picked up from my long journey from the Friendly Arm Inn. I was also very intrigued by his request for a winter wolf pelt from the mountains down south a ways--yes, there's certainly enough to Nashkel to keep me busy.

    I now had the gold to bring Khalid and Imoen back to world of the living, so that's what I did. They are far from alright, needing much rest and healing; so I had them wait back in the Store while I checked out the Inn with Jaheira... (I saw--and stayed away from--the monk Rasaad).


    As I entered the Inn, I was glad that I trusted my suspicions...the town wasn't entirely safe yet. A bounty hunter, Neira, seemed to stumble upon us by luck at the Nashkel Inn--that's actually good news in my book; doesn't seem like she was actually *looking* for us down here, and her note says I would be up north closer to Beregost. Good, good.

    To defeat Neira, Jaheira and I managed to duck in and out of the Inn while she cast spells, closing the door behind us each time...OR were able to interrupt her with quarterstaff strikes. In this way we managed to bring her down relatively safely without falling victim to her magic.



    The monk I had seen actually helped us fight Neira. I had a pleasant conversation with Rasaad, and he seems like a good man. I made mental note that he's there in the event I would ever need a potential companion.


    [Day 34]

    1PM. After resting well into the afternoon the following day, I parted ways with Khalid and Jaheira. I still vividly remember how she treated me during our trip from Friendly Arm Inn. She is intent on taking her own course of action and I don't need to have any part of it. I believe her and Khalid's main purpose here was to help the mayor, whose main concern is the trouble in the it looks like they're sticking around in the Nashkel tavern, they can go try to take care of that problem if they'd like. I may look into the Commander Brage mystery, and I'll definitely attempt to find those winter wolf pelts. And I still have the rest of town, the carnival, and the surrounding region to explore with Imoen. So yes, it looks like I may make an extended stay in Nashkel until I figure out my next move...there's not many other places to go at this point.


    As I went to meet some of the strangers I had avoided yesterday, I realized I was right to wait until I was rested and more prepared. I declined to help the ranger Minsc go off and rescue his charge "Dynaheir" (wherever that may be!) and the loon attacked me! Our fight turned fatal, unfortunately, like the many others before it in the past month.



    When I talked to Edwin--huh, it appears he's after the same woman, to kill her. I also declined, but I guess I'll be on my guard if I ever run into her? No idea as to where she would be, though.


    2PM. Eventually, Imoen and I headed to the carnival to check out ourselves the pastoral peace that Volo described.

    Current party:

    Majkfoucce - Level 4 Kensai (Quarterstaff)
    Imoen - Level 2 Thief

    Reputation: Average (12)


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    [Day 34 Continued]

    3PM. While exploring the carnival, a thief named Vitiare pickpocketed me of almost everything we had (save eight gold), and ran off before I could catch up. Bah, I'm furious that this happened! What recourse do I even have? This really soured my mood. I have no interest in gambling, I knew I should have steered clear of the degenerates in there...





    6PM. I returned to Nashkel after checking out the carnival. It had more violence than I expected, and I got injured from some kobolds on the outskirts...and then that damn exploding Ogre. I knew I really didn't want to talk to Gazib again, but he seemed like the most prominent carnival worker around, and I wanted to speak to him about getting pickpocketed and then getting attacked by a homicidal mage.

    I had Imoen pick open a drawer in the room behind the bar at the Nashkel Inn, and I started using this as a stash point too (Ankheg armor, Evermemory ring..)

    [Day 35]

    6PM. I rested and relaxed in the Nashkel Inn with Imoen for another day. I figured I deserved a day of rest and catchup, seems like I'm finally about to take deep breaths and relax here, something I was *never* able to do while camping outside in the wilderness between here and Baldur's Gate.

    But I knew my next move would be to check out the surrounding area, beyond just the carnival. I know I should be able to perform my first real "job" by gathering winter wolf pelts for the storekeep. Adventuring around the area on small tasks and quests can help me further settle into Nashkel, which looks to be a good place to lay low for the time being.

    But, having learnt from my past travels, it can't hurt to have more companions backing me up. I wrote off Jaheira and Khalid (they're still staying at the Nashkel Inn), but I did meet a respectable monk a day or two ago. I asked him to join me. He seems like a nice enough guy, and I think it won't be an issue getting along. We'll rest for the evening, and then begin our journey south in the the very early morning!


    [Day 36]

    4PM. A twelve hour's journey south to the Cloudpeaks, where there may be winter wolves to hunt. I had an eerie experience with a small child and his dog that turned out to be something bizarre and sinister...


    I ran into a two separate pairs of were warriors from Amn, who were rude but ended up going along their way.


    Shortly after, I met two lowlife bandits named Vax and Zal. Like the bandits before them, I couldn't bear to hand over any of my possessions willingly. Unlike the bandits before them, instead of just running away, I stayed and fought them. Good! Finally getting enough experience to stand on my own--and patting myself on the back for inviting along Rasaad, he's been helpful.




    [Day 37]

    6AM. No luck finding any winter wolves in the area south of Nashkel...time to return to rest and heal and then venture to another region later on.

    We traveled through most of the night, hoping to get back to Nashkel as soon as possible. Rasaad seemed to have intuited the "shadow on my soul," i.e., my dark and desperate history of just the past few weeks. But I was in no mood for sharing at this time, so I deflected the question.


    [Day 38]

    6AM. After resting another day, I decide I'm going to the mine region, the other region directly south of Nashkel. Maybe there's a better chance at finding some winter wolves there. (The storekeep said go south.)

    The problems in the mines themselves--I thought Khalid and Jaheira were supposed to be taking care of that, but honesty I'm not even sure if they've ventured too far away from the inn yet. Not sure what they're waiting for, but shrug. Hopefully they can get to it soon, but I'm not going to step on anyone's toes. So I'll probably steer clear of the mines themselves for now, but we will be nearby hunting.

    9AM. On the short jaunt from the town to the mines, we were waylaid again by a group of bandits. This time, things did not look so good--they caught us in a dead-end path, and had multiple archers and other ranged weapons pointed at us. Again, I couldn't bare just handing over my gold (maybe more stubborn than smart this time).

    VERY luckily, a strong half-orc ambushed THIS group of bandits, killing many of them and providing us a chance to fight and survive. This was Dorn, who I actually recognized from the Friendly Arm many weeks ago. I felt a huge amount of gratitude, and on talking to each other after the dust settled, we realized we could benefit from each other's company. We both have enemies out there, and we're both stronger if we join forces. He's a large, durable swordarm that would be at my side--I think ANY bounty hunter would at least do a double take before trying to take their shot at me (no offense to Rasaad, but Dorn can seem a lot more threatening). He also looked to have some connection with a mystical apparition--I'm very intrigued by that, but he wasn't giving up information about it too quickly.



    Once he joined, some concerns immediately kicked in. Maybe I rushed into this. Imoen had a very bad gut feeling about him, and I realized quickly that keeping compnay with a half-orc blackguard would not help my burgeoning reputation as an adventurer. He seems overly cruel, violent, and possibly even unstable. I'll guess we'll see how far this allyship can be taken, maybe I can draw out the best in him?....I'll keep Rasaad along with us, too, just as a bit of internal backup.

    3PM. To and back from the mines region. Still no damn winter wolves, but I am not minding the time spent exploring this greater Nashkel region. This is my first time back in town.


    [Day 39]

    12AM. After resting for the evening, I decided I again wanted to get an early start (very early--midnight) for my journey out southeast of Nashkel, where I'll continue to try to track and hunt these damn winter wolves.

    Dorn finally springs it on me: he knows where his next target is, a necromancer woman named Kryll. I decided pretty quickly that I'd help him. That was our agreement, and it's not like I have anything extremely urgent going on right now. A lot depends on where he expects us to go, but as it turns out, it's cosmic fate. It looks like the clues point to east of the Nashkel mines, where we were about to head anyway! That's a very good sign.

    6PM. We marched out to the area east of the Nashkel mines, and found and slew Kryll after she rose some dead and attacked us. I was magically panicked, but the rest of my group was able to take her out. Dorn got his final lead--his old gang outside the gates of Baldur's Gate. Honestly, that's just too far away for me, I'm not planning on headed up back there anytime soon. I was able to urge caution to him for now, but we'll see...



    On the same note, I found a wounded deserter named Samuel laying dying in the wilderness with his girl Lena. There is no way I can haul him to the Friendly Arm Inn, but I may inform the Flaming Fist Enforcer looking for him. It may save his life; it may also mean a death sentence, but it's looking like that's going to happen regardless.


    7PM. It didn't seem like the Flaming Fist enforcer was too interested in traveling east to scoop up his deserter, wasn't even interested in hearing about it. Fine--wish I could have done something more, but it's out of my hands now.

    While finishing exploration of the area, we ran into a large pack of Gibberlings that left us pretty bloody. Without winter wolves again, we turned back to Nashkel, and rested in town for day or two.



    [Day 42]

    5AM. My next destination was the region east of the Nashkel carnival; figured I'd complete my exploration of this southeast region, on the slopes of the Cloudpeaks. My intentions here have slowly turned from very specifically looking for winter wolf pelts into just exploring the greater Nashkel region at my own pace, trying my hardest to become a local expert...

    6AM. I encountered a mage named Narcillicus who was summoning mustard jellies. I was interested in his experiment and stayed friendly, but he was unstable enough to attack. Rasaad's Sun Soulray attack has been very effective at interrupting the few mages we've fought so far, and we were able to down the mage. But the mustard jellies may be the toughest foes I've faced yet. One or two jelly attacks were going to be lethal, and Rasaad was quickly killed. I had to drink my one antidote potion and Dorn and I had to split the majority of our healing potions, just to stay alive.



    I think we're going to try to make camp for the better part of the morning; Imoen's getting better at making traps, and I'm confident we'll be able to find some measure of rest.

    3PM. As expected, Dorn is causing tension. I'm trying to manage him for the time being, but it's really not comfortable with him around. Maybe he'll get better, I really do hope so.


    4PM. Dorn, Imoen and I bump into a well-experienced group of merceneries led by a one Lamalha. She says I've been interfering with the Iron Throne schemes and for that I must die. What?!?! Who?? Does that have something to do with Gorion? I've been mostly out in the wilderness looking for wolves, can't understand what conspiratorial activity they think I could have been up to recently. At least I have the name of an organization now. I'm convinced more than ever of my original theory that these people--whoever they are--are simply confused due to my connection with Gorion. That being said, I was enjoying my time in Nashkel, and don't want to be "found out" that I'm hiding out down here. I should do what it takes to make sure these mercenaries can't run off and report on my whereabouts...they are trying to kill me, after all.

    I didn't see how many were in her group because we immediately retreated; it looked like I was able to draw only her away from the rest of the group....she would cast spells at me from afar as I retreated farther and farther away. She was able to kill Dorn with a Glyph of Warding, but my plan was to have her use up her memorized spells so she has to charge at me with her weapon...once she was down, I'd take it from there. Either retreat or see how I could pick off the rest of her group one by one.





    I eventually drew away Lamalha, the second priest, Tekia the archer....and then Maneira was the last of the four I fought. Her poison darts were deadly and she's a skilled swordarm herself, but with a combination of my Oil of Speed and Kai, I was able to rush her and neutralize her before she could cause me lethal harm. I have used every single potion I have, other than a Potion of Power that Imoen holds onto.




    [Reloaded once...used the tactics described above. I was meleeing Lamalha...the first fight...and all of a sudden lightning struck and killed her. Oh well I said no xp but at least I'm alive. Then lightning struck me for about half damage. Electrical storm, OK. Then lightning hits Imoen. OK, maybe I should try to move from this area? As I'm moving away, lightning strikes again my PC and kills him. Huh? It IS a reload though.]

    [Aaaand reloaded THREE more times, wow...I killed Lamalha, the second Priest, Tekia the archer, but the fourth fight, Maneira with her poison darts, was very rough (I had already used up my one antidote potion vs. mustard jellies). I didn't think it was something my PC could walk away from, he wouldn't be able to relax in Nashkel knowing there were still mercenaries alive out there who knew he was in the area.]



    [Day 49]

    8PM. Have been traveling around the greater Nashkel region this past week. After the mercenary battle, I returned to Nashkel to regroup, only to eventually head back out east. When I was satisfied I had explored the area for winter wolves (no luck) and anything else of possible interest to us adventurers, I headed back west...stopping in Nashkel for a night, but eventually keeping on to the region west-southwest. It was a long journey out this way, and we made camp after more than a day marching. Most of this time was either travel or rest, there was some fighting but nothing much of note.

    I know some of the Amnish guard were sent west a few weeks ago to look for the mad Brage; I haven't heard any more news about that, so I'll keep my eyes open.

    I *finally* find and kill a winter wolf and take its hide right before dusk sets in; and then not only one, but two!


    [Day 50]

    2PM. Still out in the wild, exploring and looking for Brage. I run into a gnoll who clues me in into a gnoll stronghold about another day's journey west. They apparently do thing like torture and roast people there--sounds great. It's a little out of my way for now, but it's definitely useful information I'll keep in the back of my mind...gnolls have been quite the trouble since I left Candlekeep.

    [Day 56]

    8AM. Not only did I meet Drizzt Do'Urden (on his way to Icewind Dale), I also ran into the half-ogres and the same group of bandits led by Teyngan that had harrassed me weeks ago when I was much less experienced and by my self. Bandits really are a major problem on the Coastway, huh? So far I've stayed away from the road proper, but even the outskirts of the Sword Coast have a lot of thugs and bandits setting up shop.



    Either way, this time I did not have to run away from Teyngan this time. While fighting his gang, having bad experiences with mages in the past, I had Rasaad throw his Oil of Fiery Burning. He still got magically panicked, but the explosion worked and killed the mage. I was able to take care of the other two, with Dorn drinking two antidote potions of course. I'll have to restock.


    [Day 58]

    6AM. Ah, Naskhel. I arrived here about three and a half weeks ago, and got to know the surrounding region pretty well in that time. I've been generally unbothered by bounty hunters or other trained killers, exceeding expectations for my plans to "lay low" in Amn.

    It is a bit frustrating that Brage is on the loose and I haven't seen him in all my travels so far. I feel like I'm at the point where I can really help this small town, and I genuinely want to, but I just can't find this rogue Commander to bring him to justice.

    I've been staying away from the mine trouble clearly, assuming that Khalid and Jaheira have been dealing with that in their own time, and me really having sworn off working with them from a while ago.

    I plan to make a several night's journey out west to the Seawatcher lighthouse area and some of the lands in between to see if I can find Brage there by some stroke of luck. It's one of the longer trips I've made out of town since I've been here, but it'll give me time to think of my next course of action if I still can't find him.

    [Day 59]

    2PM. We arrive in the region southeast of the Seawatcher lighthouse coastal area after an uneventful journey of about 32 hours.


    My current party is the following:

    Majkfoucce - Level 5 Kensai (Quarterstaff)
    Dorn - Level 4 Blackguard
    Rasaad - Level 5 Sun Soul Monk
    Imoen - Level 5 Thief

    Reputation: Average (11)


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    [Day 59 Continued]

    3PM. After our days and days of searching, we eventually do find Brage. While he had some type of guardian priestess there who immediately became hostile (Laryssa)...she receded off into the wilderness when Brage snapped to his senses for a moment, after I answered some children's riddle of his. Rather than killing him there (surely not justice), we decided to bring him back to Nashkel...



    [Day 61]

    8AM. After returning with Brage to the Temple of Helm, we spoke to the mayor outside, thinking we'd get a pat on the back or something else of substance for bringing in Brage. But no, he is still much more concerned with the mines, and seemingly more desperate than ever. Looks like whatever Khalid and Jaheira have been doing here, it hasn't resolved the situation. I see still them at the inn everytime I stay there, by the way.


    I'm really not sure what's going on down there, but it looks like we're the ones that will have to investigate. That is fine actually, I'm enjoying how we're becoming prominent and necessary figures in Nashkel...we rest more in town, then set out in the morning.

    9PM. Throughout the day, I dug deep into the Nashkel mines and eventually stumbled upon a certain Mulahey, who apparently worked for someone named "Tazok"...assuming we were there to kill him, he put up a fight, summoning kobolds and skeletons to swarm us. He even cast Rigid Thinking on Dorn, before he realized he was going to lose the fight and tried to yield to us.




    He pointed us to letters in his chest that he said would explain everything...but immediately following, Dorn, rigidly-thinking and not responding to commands, attacked Mulahey and cut him down dead. The only thing the rest of us could do was finish off the kobolds and skeletons and try to hide from Dorn until he came out of his spell.




    Chapter 3

    10PM. I met Xan, an elven prisoner of Mulahey. He was sent from his home of Evereska to investigate the trouble of the Coast Way iron crisis...He is an Enchanter and was more than willing to lend his arcane magic to our cause, seeing it as payment for his liberation. I usually don't like holding anyone in debt, but if he willingly joins us--and I did not guilt him or demand it--I'm sure we can make great use of his magic. My most dangerous enemies so far have been mages, with whom I have little to counter, other than to run and pray to Helm for the best. Maybe with Xan as part of the team, I can stand a chance...


    Mulahey's letters clearly prove that there's a plot going on to secretly poison the Nashkel mine ore; also it's clear that these people are working with the same bandit groups that are assumedly plaguing the Sword Coast. What the letters lack is any clear reasoning or motivation behind this, but it looks like I've stumbled onto the plot to destabilize the entire region. I'll hold onto these letters and see what Berrun Ghastkill thinks. The letters also mention a a few leads: a boss by the name of Tazok, and his contact Tranzig in Beregost--a town I haven't visited since I fled Candlekeep. Not sure what I'm going to do with all this yet, but at least the local area can get some relief for a bit.

    [Day 62]

    7AM. I went through a tunnel that caved in behind us; I realize now that I've been to the other side of this tunnel before, it is where I had a desperate fight with Lamalha and Meneira and co., who were hunting for me on behalf of the "Iron Throne", whoever they are (presumably they are the ones that killed Gorion, too). I haven't yet heard anything else from all that, by the way.

    Knowing we had a long journey ahead of us, we rested in one of the crypts I had cleared a few weeks earlier.

    11PM. Back in Nashkel; I told the mayor of what I had learned and accomplished, and he thanked me wholeheartedly. My reputation in the region grows bigger...but he did not have any answers, or even guidance or advice, for what to do about this bandit plot.

    While very much looking to head back to the Inn to sleep in a bed after all the action, we were stopped by the assassin Nimbul. It was a sloppy fight--Nimbul cast Mirror Image, but then Xan cast Charm on Nimbul, giving us a few moments to prepare. Unfortunately there was no way to remove the Mirror Images. Xan had Color Spray memorized, [and me, never really using that spell and thinking it's range was much closer, had Xan cast it thinking I had more time to get people out of the way...], but accidentally misfired and sent Dorn unconscious...ugh. The rest of us weren't affected.



    The fight was sealed in a very strange way. Xan cast Charm AGAIN on Nimbul, just as Nimbul cast a Fear spell on the rest of us. A fraction of a second later, he magically became our ally and his Fear spell bounced back to him sending his own self into a panic. At that point I was able to put him down--with Dorn still unconscious and Rasaad also running scared.


    I went to speak to Jaheira about the resolved situation in the mines (HER situation, originally). Well, she was as curt and rude as ever. Don't know what I was expecting. Don't worry; won't need to talk to her again for any reason.


    At that point, I read the letter that Nimbul had on him. This was not a Gorion/Iron Throne related assassination attempt. Rather it looked to have something to do with my meddling in the affairs of the iron mines and bandit gangs. Both Tazok and Tranzig were mentioned, and the timing aligned with when I set out to help with the trouble in the mines. Is it possible I have two, separate villainous groups after me?

    Well I'm not sure how quite to proceed at this point; I guess I'll sleep on it.

    [Day 63]

    9AM. I had to sleep on my next course of action, and in fact spent a whole day at the inn thinking about it. I'm not sure what Ghastkill or the Amnish will do with the information we found out in the mines, if anything, but I'll let that situation play out. 

    I feel relatively prepared for more assassination attempts, as my own band of followers is relatively large at this point, so no chance I'm fleeing Nashkel. I wouldn't very much appreciate being chased out of another town I'm coming to call home. I may see what type of trouble that Gnoll stronghold is causing, and there's also the whole Seawatcher area and surrounding regions I only began to explore before finding Brage. I have some major unfinished business in Gullykin and the Firewine ruins, and also in the back of my mind is the agreement I made with Dorn to seek out his enemies outside Baldur's Gate.

    [Day 67]


    7AM. We arrived at the Gnoll stronghold and, exhausted from our long journey out here, made camp for the night before pressing on.

    8PM. We first explored some of the caves and cliffs in the surrounding area, but eventually went to explore the stronghold itself. Scores and scores of gnolls attacked us and we had no choice but to fight back, leaving a bloody trail behind us.




    We eventually rescued the Invoker mage Dynaheir. This is the infamous "witch" who both Minsc and Edwin in Nashkel were looking for;

    Realizing how valuable having a mage is (Xan's Sleep spell has made short work of the legions of gnolls we've encountered), and sensing Dynaheir's eagerness to join us, I invited her to follow us. Very similar to Xan, she's indebted to me for affecting her rescue and is generally interested in adventuring on the Sword Coast, so she became a natural traveling companion.

    She did somehow know that Minsc was killed, although she did not seem to know it was me who did it. I was really only defending myself when Minsc attacked me--and he was a bodyguard to her, more drawn together by circumstance than anything else. So I made a quick calculation that I'd confidently be able to justify my actions if and when the time comes.

    We have a large company now. I do feel safe in it, but it's probably a little too many people at this point for my liking. Once we get back to Nashkel, I'll figure it out. I feel powerful and confident with both Xan and Dynaheir, although Dynaheir's current spell selection is not great.

    10PM. By nightfall, we had cleared out most of the gnolls that were currently at the stronghold. Hopefully by reducing their numers, this reduces their chances of bothering and killing travelers in the surrounding areas. I decided to make camp in once of the caves by the cliffs before leaving in the morning...

    [Day 68]

    9PM. We traveled up to the region north of the gnoll stronghold; since we were out here, I figured I'd explore the whole region. Fought more ogres and bandits throughout the day unitl resting for the night...




    [Day 72]

    9AM. We made the long journey back to Nashkel to rest and reset. I decided to part ways with Rasaad for now; Dorn has been a pretty good teammate so far, and is much stronger and reliable in battle than Rasaad, as sad as it is to say. Yes, Dorn is definitely still dark and evil, but I'm keeping my eye on it. I do owe him accompaniment on a trip up to Baldur's Gate to confront his final enemy, so that's something I plan on doing down the road...


    This is my "Nashkel Gang" I suppose: my adventuring company as I try to establish myself down here in Amn. There are still many regions to explore around Nashkel, including the direct northeast and then the Seawatcher lighthouse peninsula, so some more jaunts out of town are upcoming.

    I'm just trying to build some level of stability in my new life down here...regularly exploring outlying areas and returning to town for a few nights at a time.


    Current party:

    Majkfoucce - Level 5 Kensai (Quarterstaff)
    Dorn - Level 5 Blackguard
    Xan - Level 4 Enchanter
    Dynaheir - Level 4 Invoker
    Imoen - Level 5 Thief

    Reputation: Popular (13)


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    [Day 72 Continued]

    9AM. I think my group is still too large and cumbersome. I'd rather stay more bare-bones and nimble. Five of us stomping around might as well be a caravan and it seems like too many people to be responsible for. But I don't want to leave Xan OR Dynaheir. I have this image in my head of my warrior with two mages backing him up...very intimidating and can quite possibly be very powerful with arcane magic to supplement my weaknesses as a Kensai. And I need Imoen's thief skills too, so my "little sister" will be sticking around for much longer than I originally thought she would. She's become quite useful in our travels, and it's nice to have something familiar from my old life in Candlekeep.

    So that means I want to start parting ways with Dorn. He's grown into a close ally over the past several weeks, but I never really was at peace with him. I think it's a matter of time before he tries to take control of our group or violently challenge us in one way or another; it seems it's his nature.  But from the beginning, I agreed that I'd help him in his quest to exact revenge, so I plan to do it.

    So I decided to make a trip up north ("outside of Baldur's Gate") to see if we can find the old companion of his. I know that the bridge is still probably closed, but maybe he's palling around on the near side of the river. When that whole business is settled, I'd feel good about parting ways amicably with him.

    This is my first long trip away from Nashkel since I got here, but it's time. I plan to return soon enough. I feel confident in our abilities to travel along up the Sword Coast and hold our own against bandit attacks.

    I have unfinished business in Gullykin too, and the Firewine ruins. It's been several weeks so I'm not sure if they're still having their wizard and kobold problems, but I mean to return and set things right if I can. Lendarn, the mage down there, killed my companions and tried to kill me. I'll finally be able to get some payback.

    7PM. On my trip up, I took the scenic route exploring the region northeast of Nashkel. I ran into a trio of bandits that had harrassed me months ago (Ioin Gallehobhair and co.); looks like they still had this area staked out. This time, I was able to stay and fight, slaying them all, although we took some damage as well.



    8PM. After a few more fights (ogres and ogre-bandits) and additional injuries sustained, I figured best to head back to Nashkel and get a start again out for Gullykin tomorrow. It would be nice to have a healer with us; but I only know Jaheira--and no thanks.



    [Day 74]

    2PM. I caught myself again before I got too far along on my big trip north. I remembered that there were plenty of merchants at the Nashkel carnival, a place I regrettably haven't visited for quite a few weeks. I have about 12K in gold now from my adventuring around the area, so certain items that were off limits back then (that I don't even remember) may seem a lot more affordable these days...And I want to make sure I collect the best gear I can for my extended travels.

    [Day 75]

    7AM. Flash forward another day, and I only picked up a scroll of Protection from Petrification from the carnival--in case I run into a basilisk again.

    I still see the halfling salesman there trying to get someone to buy the chance to unfreeze a statue of his. It really does seem like just seem like a carnival scam to me, so I stay away from it. Even though I have my own Stone-to-Flesh scrolls now...I don't want to get involved in his business.

    This time I'm really headed to Gullykin...

    [Day 76]

    5PM. Once I got to Gullykin, we camped in the village for the day, then headed inside the ruins, understanding the encamped kobolds were still a problem. I traced my previous excursions until I ran into Lendarn--yes, that murderous mage, still making his home in these ruins.


    Unfortunately, even with all my experience, I didn't have a better strategy other for Dorn and myself to melee him. His invisibility was very difficult to get through, and Xan's Sleep spell did not affect him. He ended up being able to cast Lightning twice--I kept the rest of my party away, but had to take all of the damage of those bolts myself. I had a Potion of Absorption I should have used, but for some reason I was hoping I'd be able to interrupt his such luck, and I almost died. But eventually one or two more hard blows connected before he could get his third spell off, and he went down.



    But he was not even the worst villain here--there was an Ogre Mage. Luckily, we were able to back away long enough for Dynaheir to cast Web, trapping the ogre and making him an easy target for arrows and magic.






    [Day 77]

    3AM. In the early morning, I make my leave from Gullykin. The mayor was pleased that the villains and kobolds were cleared out the mines, and I suppose I even found a village traitor by the name of Jenkal.

    My next stop is the Friendly Arm Inn. I haven't yet visited Beregost, and I mean to at some point, but right now I want to go as directly as possible to Baldur's Gate to resolve Dorn's issues. This involves passing through the Temple region east of Beregost. Maybe we'll stop through the town proper on the way back down...





    [Day 79]

    7AM. While walking up the Coast Way past the Friendly Arm, I remembered the fishermen off the path I had met two months ago who had the problems with the Priestess of Umberlee--well, apparently they are still having the problem. They want blood...hmm, maybe this is something I will actually investigate this time?


    I also met Ajantis, a Paladin of Helm. Wow, so many travelers and foreigners in the area to put an end to the bandit crisis. Maybe I've underestimated how big of a crisis all of this is?


    Furthermore, Farmer Brun still hasn't recovered his son's remains from the Ankheg cave. I had given up around the same time two months ago, after Jaheira was killed quickly by a single Ankheg, and I knew quickly the same would happen to the rest of us if we kept trying to fight them. Now, with the experience and companions I have, we stand a much better chance. Can't help but feel for the poor farmer.


    9AM. We swept through the Ankheg cave and exterminated the giant insects when we came across them, eventually recovering the farmer's son's body and putting his soul at rest.


    We immediately continued our march north, but got ambushed on the surface not once, but twice by a PAIR of Ankhegs--we had faced off against single Ankhegs in their cave, but never two at the same time. During the second fight, they killed Dorn before he was able to drink healing potions. Sigh..the whole point of this march was for Dorn. Looks like I'll head back to the Temple of Wisdom in the Friendly Arm...



    [Day 81]

    11AM. After resurrecting Dorn and spending a day at the Friendly Arm, we hit the road again. This time, we made it to the gate of the city: still closed, but Dorn felt the presence of his enemy Simmeon nearby.



    I have a feeling Simmeon's on the OTHER side of the bridge, but who knows? Maybe Dorn is sensing something residually. Possibly he's not sensing anything at all and is just letting his emotion get to him. But since I'm all the way up north, I should perform my due diligence and scout out the surrounding areas for any clues.

    We finally encounter the Priestess of Umberlee, a small child it turns out. She attacked us--and my group, familiar with defending ourselves against ambushes, began to fight her before her divine spells could be cast. Before she died, she relented and said the fishermen she's been harrassing had murdered her mother and stolen a divine artifact, throwing the balance of nature out of whack, and somewhat justifying her panicked actions. I told her I would help her; but it was too late. Xan has poisoned her with Melf's Acid Arrow, and she only had a few more breaths before she was killed.





    Sigh...I feel guilty that we killed this child; but we didn't have a choice. It's a cruel world, and the lesson for me here is that the danger of magic should not be underestimated. If the girl merely attacked us with her weapon and didn't begin to cast spells, I probably would have had my own mages hold off on casting spells too, which would have spared her life.

    I'm going to go back to the fishermen and confront them on all of this.

    5PM. I was none too happy about being put into the situation where I had to kill the priestess girl. I didn't get violent with the fishermen, but I did very forcefully make them give me the summoning bowl back, so at least they won't misuse it or reap any rewards from their misdeeds. I'm glad to be rid of all these low-lifes. Looks like I'll be holding onto the bowl for now.


    [Day 82]

    9PM. I made my way to a settlement north of Baldur's Gate, Ulgoth's Beard. The ostensible purpose was to check for possible clues of Simmeon's whereabouts, but really curiosity and completism played a large factor too. I get there in the late evening and immediately run into Shandalar, the benefactor mage of the small village. He seems to have a certain quest ready and prepared for me, and would hold me in high esteem if I were able to retrieve this item for him... It's intriguing, I'll be honest--and it doesn't hurt to make allies with mages. I will definitely consider it.


    10PM. After poking around the town a bit, I made my way to the Inn for the night. It seems like this is a main hub of activity for Durlag's Tower raiders and treasure hunters, as the large haunted tower to the south seems to be on everyone's mind. I can see why--one of the spoils of a previous raid was Aule's Staff +3, and the innkeeper had it for sale for 8K gold. Luckily I had amassed some wealth in my adventures down south and was able to afford it, bringing about a massive upgrade in weaponry for me. Beyond that, I see he has a lot of other worthwhile items for sale: a Cloak of Displacement, a Greenstone Amulet, potions of Mirrored Eyes, and a handful of useful level 4 spells for my mages. Looks like I may have to plan a return trip to Ulgoth's Beard at some point, once I have even more gold to spare.



    [Day 83]

    6AM. In the morning, I start checking in with some of the villagers, visiting Therella, Shandalar, and Mendas's houses. Mendas approaches me with yet another plot--scuttle the plans of the Merchant's League by rushing off to some shipwreck and retrieving the treasure before they can get to it? I'll steer clear for now, Mendas seems a bit odd.



    7AM. It becomes clear that there aren't any threads leading to Simmeon in this town, meaning that for now we're at the end of the road in Dorn's quest for revenge. When the bridge to the city is open that's a different story, but who knows when that will be. When it does open back up, I still have the intention of helping him get his revenge. Until then though, I'm going to stick with my plans for a smaller, more nimble group, heavy on the arcane. I had also decided I'm going to attempt Shandalar's quest before going back to Nashkel, so whatever it is, it'll serve as a good "first run" for the new group dynamic and my new staff.

    Dorn wasn't too happy but he said he'll be back at the Friendly Arm if I reconsider, so it's not a burnt bridge--like I said, I'll make it up to him when the time comes.


    (I also made another stash point in the barrel in the Ulgoth's Beard Inn, for some of Dorn's equipment that I couldn't redistribute.)

    Tales of the Sword Coast

    [I kind of arbitrarily decide that "TotSC" starts whenever I start either (1) Ice Island (2) bottom levels of Durlag's or (3) Werewold Island. Meaningless distinction other than for placement of that underlined text above.]

    5PM. Unexpectedly I was tranported to a magically-secluded island somewhere far, far away in the middle of an ocean. It's very clear that Shandalar was once trapped here, and dared not return. After a violent encounter with an Andrus and some other mages (a slow chess-game type battle involving casting spells from around the corner, but one where we ultimately emerged victoriously), we were completely out of spells. Looks like people have been living in these tunnels for decades if not centuries; so decided best to make camp for the rest of the day, and push on overnight in our search for the cloak.






    I'm a bit mad that I'm trapped here, but I guess I just blame myself for not asking more questions. I came here of my own volition, and Shandalar did not technically lie about anything. This is quite the uncanny experience, much different than the life I've had in Nashkel and Gullykin for the past couple months!


    [Day 84]

    11AM. After defeating Garan and his Ankhegs, I had to retreat and rest some more. The absence of a healer in my group is really starting to take a toll. Now that I have other items I want to save gold for, constantly emptying temples of their healing potion inventory and drinking them like water is becoming less palatable.


    [Day 85]

    7AM. After battling through more mages, we finally recoverd Shandalar's cloak and made it off the island. I did feel "used" and he was very dismissive of the trials I went through to get off that island. Although his adulations about me were appreciated. All in all I'm still in one piece and completed what I said I would.


    We'll have a leisurely rest of the day in Ulgoth's Beard, but now it's time to head back south to Nashkel, my home away from home. Not even sure I want to spend another night up here. I did gain a fair amount of interest in the fortress of Durlag's Tower, but that's for the future..

    [Day 86]

    8PM. Back at the Friendly Arm Inn, and I indeed see Dorn. He's still pretty raw about us parting ways and has been nursing a lot of anger. Ugh, that's basically the reason I wanted to part ways with him in the first place. If he keeps being rude like this, maybe he doesn't even want my help against Simmeon when the time comes?


    Here at the Temple of Wisdom and being able to Identify things--I realize that magical bracers I found would allow me to sell a less valuable pair of magical bracers [got AC7, sell AC8]...this would in turn give me enough gold for that Cloak of Displacement. A little frustrating that I just left Ulgoth's Beard, but I'm in no rush any direction. Once I rest, I'm going to make the day-plus-long trek right back up to the Beard...

    [Day 90]

    2AM. After the jaunt to Ulgoth's and back, and having spent the majority of the gold I had made up to this point, I'm finally ready to make my way down south to Nashkel again.

    I would have bet that I finally would have passed through Beregost on this journey back south, but it seems like there's always some different plan I have that prevents me from stopping through the town. This time, I really thought it a necessity to pass through High Hedge. I haven't seen Thalantyr and Melicamp for months, and I remember the huge spell selection that was available for purchase. Now with Xan and Dynaheir in tow, it would be foolish not to stop in again to see what can be added to their spellbooks.

    6PM. I encountered Kivan again, outside High Hedge around the same area I first met him all those weeks ago. This time I had a longer conversation with him, and wow, he's another traveler looking to resolve the bandit crisis in the region which is clear has far-reaching implications. I guess this really seems like the main "adventure" for Sword Coast adventurers right now. I mean, if I were to get involved, I know I have information about that contact Tranzig in Beregost...but surely I can't be the only adventurer or lawman out here that knows about him? Hmm, I'll think on the situation, but Nashkel is still the destination.



    [Day 93]

    8AM. Ah, back in Nashkel. I spent a day at the Inn, but now am ready to get back to my routine of exploring the greater Nashkel region. Knowing how bad the bandits are, I may look to "patrol" the Coast Way more between here and Beregost; also, there's the Seawatcher and nearby areas that I've had on my list to travel to for some time.


    Current party:

    Majkfoucce - Level 6 Kensai (Aule's Staff)
    Imoen - Level 6 Thief
    Xan - Level 5 Enchanter
    Dynaheir - Level 5 Invoker

    Reputation: Popular (15)


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    [Random notes: With Aule's Staff +3, it's nice to know I acquired a weapon this early in BG1 that will be able to hurt Belhifet at the end of SOD. It seems a little overpowered at this stage, but hey, I did make the trip up to Ulgoth's Beard and I had a small fortune of gold saved up. But really...I've had runs where I'm sweating hoping my mage can memorize the last Enchant Weapon scroll in Dragonspear Castle, or else my party would have no way of hurting Belhifet other than a small stack of +3 arrows....won't be an issue this time thankfully.]

    [Also, between the Cloak of Displacement, Senses of the Cat, and the Girdle of Piercing, I'm at -12 AC bonus for missile weapons. Bad normal AC, but I have a lot of confidence leading with my Kensai, knowing I can retreat from melee, and if they're shooting missles I probably won't take too much damage.]

    [Day 95]

    2PM. So we traveled north of Nashkel along the Coast Way, and then west a bit to further explore more of those areas. Almost nothing eventful for two days, other than a handful of ghouls and ghasts and hobgoblin bandits--picked up a magical pair of boots called the Worn Whispers from some of them, actually. I immediately noticed an improvement in Imoen's stealth, great!



    Eventually, we see a wandering child (a lot of these along the Coast Way...) who warns of some crazy person talking to mumbling respondents. Soon after, I stumble upon what appears to be a mad cleric named Bassilus surrounded by undead at his command. I tried to be calm at first and go along with what he was saying, not really knowing what was going on and trying to avoid conflict. But it was soon apparent from talking with him that this is an evil man who kills others in some attempt to make up for a past betrayal. There was really no way to end our encounter at that point other than bloodsheed--Bassilus demanded it.





    [Day 98]

    4AM. After spending a day back in Nashkel, we set out in the early morning for Seawatcher Tower.

    [Day 100]


    1PM. After a day or two of travel (I decided to go through "Xvart's Pass"), we arrived back at Commander Brage's site of carnage. It's been over a month since I was here last; we left hastily once Brage returned to his senses, not knowing how temporary that state would be. However, he had some type of caretaker or co-conspirator, Laryssa. As I went to survey the old site, she came into the clearing and attacked me! It had been 41 days since I last saw her, but she had not come to *her* senses in that time. Not sure what she was doing here all this time without Brage, obviously something sick. I don't really know what her connection to this evil was, and I'm not sure I'm ever going to find out.

    She caught me with a Rigid Thinking. Knowing I'd be out of action, I ran off into the distance before the magic hit me, separating myself from the rest of the group. Luckily the rest of my companions were able to take her out while I was stumbling about confusedly.



    2PM. Nearby, I ran into an archaeological dig that was being harrassed by bandits repeatedly. It was an easy choice to help their quest for knowledge and maybe some gain some powerful relics. We soon realized, however, whatever relic was there was cursed with some evil. We backed off from the tomb and moved on...(I decided to inform Nib of Gallor's plot to kill him, too, as we made our leave.)





    [Day 101]

    9AM. We camped then contined to travel west towards the coast. In the morning we ran into a thief, Safana. She told of a great treasure, which "could make us richer than we could imagine." Hmm, I was intrigued enough to nod along with her, and she more or less invited herself into the group. But I'll allow it. I don't mind giving her a chance, she has a certain appeal to her. She's also as experienced as Imoen, and is slightly better in all the useful thief skills, so will become our "lead thief" and get the Worn Whispers. Imoen spent time learning how to set snares at the expense of other things--and she still fails setting them up more than half the time. Sometimes she even injures herself, in grim flashbacks to when we first fled Candlekeep and she killed herself setting up a trap by the camp overnight.

    So the treasure hunt does give us some direction while we're up this far from Nashkel exploring the countryside--this is exactly what adventurers should be doing! And that's what I call myself.

    The treasure cove is apparently north from here, on the coastline, south of Candlekeep. I plan to keep walking west to the coast, then follow it northward.




    10AM. Got into a nasty fight with three Sirines. I really had no counter to their Dire Charms, and myself and Imoen kept falling under their spell. Xan used Remove Magic once to get rid of one, and used a scroll of Charm to bring Imoen back in a second circumstance. But they kept casting the Dire Charms, so the best strategy was to spread out--Safana didn't even have a ranged weapon to use. Eventually, after fireballs weren't doing enough, Dynaheir used a wand of Monster Summoning to finally end the battle. Probably a good time to make camp as we heal up--I really though Xan was a goner at one point. He used Agannazar's Scorcher from his fire wand on the last Sirine right as she hit him with a poison arrow. If he took any injury at all from that poison, he was dead [1HP left]; I was able to run to him, throw him an antidote, and he just barely gulped it down in time to prevent his death. Wow, but ugh.





    [Day 102]



    5AM. After more encounters with sirines, we found and entered the treasure cove--not far at all from where we originally met Safana. Safana was right in that there were severe monster-obstacles in our way: Flesh golems, that could only be hurt with magical weapons. Luckily, Imoen was pretty handy with some fire arrows we accumulated from kobolds over the past couple months.


    Once we acquired the relatively modest treasure, Safana offered to join us longer term--I agreed that it would be a good idea. Now this brings in the question of what to do with Imoen.


    [Day 106]

    6AM. We hiked back to Nashkel, sold some loot, and rested for a day at the inn. In the morning, I decided to let Imoen go. First of all, I prefer Safana in the group--Imoen is somewhat childish and annoying, let's be honest. And as I build my new life, I need to start making connections with other people. Secondly, it's a matter of Imoen's safety. She's been a loyal friend to me for the past three and a half months and has put her life on the line for me. I really can't pay her back for what she's done for me, but she doesn't need to risk herself anymore.

    She didn't take the decision well, but I know she's be alright. She is going to stay right there at the Nashkel Inn, along with Jaheira and Khalid and Rasaad (although I'm not sure where Rasaad sleeps...). Either way I know I'll be seeing her fairly often even if she isn't in my adventuring party, so this isn't goodbye.


    I also realized--I may have exhausted all the adventuring potential around Nashkel. I may do another trip out of town soon, visit all the regions south of Nashkel again to see if anything new might have reared its head...

    [Day 114]

    6AM. After another week of roaming and camping in the southern regions, and spending more time with the same old characters at the Inn, I do seem to think I've started to outgrow the Nashkel area. It's been almost three months since I've been here, and have made quite the reputation for myself in what I've accomplished, so this all makes sense. It's still a home-away-from-Candlekeep, but all the nearby activity--at least what I can help with--has really quieted down.



    The idea of conquering Durlag's Tower was incepted into my mind back during my visit to Ulgoth's Beard, and it's still there. I can only imagine the type of loot and equipment that could be found there. But do I even make an attempt without a healer?

    Beregost is a short trip north, too, and I haven't even set foot in the town since we fled Candlekeep all that time ago. I owe it a visit. So it looks like my direction is north for the time being, Beregost first to see what possibly shakes out there--maybe I atually find a priest that's willing to join us for dungeon raiding to the east. And if not, the trip itself may still be worth it.

    6PM. After an uneventful trip, we entered Beregost in the evening. My plans are maybe to get a sense of the town, or a small section of it, prior to finding an Inn and getting some rest overnight. I can explore more of Beregost in the morning...

    I know there is a bandit contact named Tranzig at "Feldepost's Inn" that *had* been coordinating bounties against me and is a link to higher-ups in the bandit gangs...but I'll probably steer clear of him if I can. I don't have any major interest in escalating the rivalry with the bandits and I'm hoping they may lose interest in me--I haven't had many problems with them recently, other than the random thugs I meet on the roads.

    I know the bandit crisis is a major problem, but I doubt it boils down to this one henchmen in Beregost, right? Stirring the pot with these gangs is a little too far to stick my neck out for now. I may still be a target of Gorion's murderers (the "Iron Throne"?), and I have no idea how much of a lingering danger that still is. So no need to fight wars on two fronts.

    At the end of the day, I did the right thing in Nashkel and don't have any regrets about it. But I'm hoping the the bandit crisis will eventually resolve itself one way or another soon. I'd rather focus on becoming a more skilled and seasoned adventurer for my own sake.

    In southeastern Beregost, I meet Elminster, the old wizard friend of Gorion that's been keeping tabs on me (apparently). He is very vague, but does give me some information that the bandits "I seek" are in the northeast. Well, like stated above, I'm not really seeking them--but I'll take the information, of course.


    7PM. A young messenger girl finds me and tells me an officer from the Flaming Fist wants to see me at the Jovial Juggler, the nearby tavern. She recognizes me as I'm quite the talk of the town, having gathered some renown down in Nashkel. There must have been a scout or other messenger on the Coast Way that saw our party coming and let some townsfolk know about it?


    [Day 115]

    5AM. I stayed at the Jovial Juggler without incident and started exploring the city in the early morning, I soon run into Neera, a mage being chased by some other contingent of mages. I was suspicious of her at first, at not happy about being dragged into this, potentially making enemies in the process. When the fighting was over, I tried to say my goodbyes as amicably as possible.





    6AM. While waiting for a more reasonable hour to arrive to visit some of the shops, I paid a visit to Kelddath in the Temple to the east of town, who I had met previously. The topic of my encounter with the mad cleric Bassilus comes up; surprisingly, Kelddath mentioned that I can claim a reward for bringing him to justice--I just have to produce his Holy Symbol of Cyric. Hmm, I held onto that, but it's currently in my item stash at the Nashkel Inn. I'll have to remember to return here soon with it.


    7AM. While back in town, I stopped by the Thunderhammer smith now that it was open, met Taerom, and gave him the vial of kobold poison I got from the Nashkel mines that I had been carrying around. Fortunately, he actually seemed optimistic there was a way to reverse the effects. He was going to talk to someone about it...great, I guess. Beyond that, he didn't have too much I was interested in.


    And yes, upon listening to the town crier this morning, I realized my reputation precedes me not just for my exploits down south around Nashkel, but also for specifically slaying Bassilus and ending his reign of terror--he apparently had been a big deal in Beregost.


    I then headed over to Kagain's shop to see what he had for sale. He didn't have equipment or items for sale per se, but had a mercenary job to offer us to track down and investigate the ruins of a likely-raided caravan, since a passenger was an important noble's son. I was borderline interested--it was an adventuring job, after all--but I mostly lost my interest after I heard what the the meager reward was (60 gold??). I just shrugged and said "sure" with the intention of keeping my eyes out for it, and reporting back to him if I found anything of note (and if convenient).

    Kagain apparently took this as an invitation to join our party and set out on the trip that day...but I don't think so. I had to let him down easy, and it looked like he understood. I slipped out of the shop, kind of regretting that I had ever entered...



    8AM. Visited Feldepost's and got into a spat with some ruffians. Luckily we were able to avoid fighting--I looked through the bartender's inventory of equipment, but nothing there either I really wanted to buy.


    And yes--I see Tranzig, still staying here, just like Mulahey's letter said all those weeks ago. Officer Vai, who suspects there is some greater bandit plot, is a five minute walk away at the Jovial Juggler. Yet Tranzig still operates here, acting as a liaison to those very bandit gangs behind the plot? I can't believe it. Returning to Vai, she seems unconcerned about it--her sole focus looks to be bandit scalps. She must have some quota she needs to meet for the Flaming Fist...useless. Don't know if it's corruption or just bureaucracy, but the Sword Coast suffers in the meantime. If I ever really decide to dig deeper into the bandit crisis, I know exactly where to start. For now though, I left Tranzig alone.

    (Also helped out Firebead with a small favor.)




    [Day 116]

    10AM. I had run to High Hedge and back, and then rested at the Jovial Juggler for another night before I felt comfortable chatting up the locals. I had apparently taken care of Bjornin's half-ogre problem before I knew it was his problem, and he was certainly happy about it.


    I finally talked to Silke and Garrick outside, who had been kind of lurking for the past couple of days. They attempted to get me to murder innocents, but the ruse was pretty easily seen through. Silke attacked us and we had to kill her, and I rebuffed Garrick's attempt to latch onto our party...



    6PM. Spent most of the day in and around the Jovial Juggler, but eventually found myself at the Red Sheaf, where a poorly misguided bounty hunter named Karlat tried to kill me. The note he carried said I was last seen in the area of he was clearly relying on some old, old information; I'm not even sure he was actively looking for us. This attempt was clearly related to the business with Gorion, it seems, as it predates any of my bandit conflicts, not to mention Gorion is named in the notice. Fortunately, it's very outdated.


    7PM. At the Red Sheaf, I heard about a Mirianne who lives on the east edge of town. Wow, I've been carrying around a letter I found on a dead body addressed to a Mirianne--I should return this to her.



    I also meet a halfing named Perdue. Long ago, I believe I found a short sword that belonged to a "Perdue", and I stashed it. I could probably return it to him--but he is actually quite rude and won't even let me bring it up. Ehh, fine, must not be that important.

    [Day 117]

    3AM. Ultimately Beregost seems quiet too-- any local "quests" remaining, if they exist, are being overshadowed by the bandit crisis. I don't know, maybe it will be up to me to really fight against what's going on. As crazy as it sounds, my adventuring party seems to be the most qualified to do it from what I've seen of the Sword Coast after all this time. Most of the army and city guard seem tied up with threats of war from Amn.

    There's the supposedly haunted Ulcaster school nearby, but it doesn't seem to be on anyone's mind other than a single tavern dweller I met, and I don't know much else about it, so ehh. On the other hand--Durlag's Tower calls. From what I heard of that place, emerging from there as victorious dungeon raiders is something of an end-goal for me. The amount of treasure and lore and history in that place is just very enticing.

    I'll have to think on next steps. First thing's first: we woke up very early to make the trip back down to Nashkel to get Bassilus's symbol from my stash, then hike it back up to Beregost at some point after to bring to Kelddath.

    [Day 119]

    10AM. After receiving a very generous 5K in gold for turning in Bassilus's holy decision was actually to head to Ulcaster. It's nearby, and I can use the experience of it to hone my party a little further in preparation for a raid of Durlag's Tower...I'm a bit insecure I won't have a priest in my party for that, but I decided I'll still make the attempt and see how far I can get.


    Either way, we have the ruins of a school to explore first.


    My current party is:

    Majkfoucce - Level 6 Kensai (Aule's Staff)
    Safana - Level 6 Thief
    Dynaheir - Level 6 Invoker
    Xan - Level 6 Enchanter

    Reputation: Heroic (19)


    [No PC deaths for three weeks in a row now...nice! I'm definitely overleveled compared to where I should be based on the main plot.]

  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 106
    [Random notes: This is really my first playthrough where my character hasn't cared much at all about the main plot and is really just doing his own thing. I was waiting for some letter somewhere that mentioned the PC as some larger threat or piece of the puzzle that would have to be seriously investigated...instead all I've found so far are bounty notices and assassination attempts--less frequent as time has gone on--that can be explained away logically based on what we already know has happened between Gorion and the Nashkel mines. Maybe Tranzig has some letter like that, but I'm not really sure? I'm sure at some point my PC will have sufficiently used up his patience and will say 'OK, what do I need to do to fix this bandit crisis? Obviously no one else is going to'. And I guess that really depends when logically I run out of stuff to do. But I think that means Durlag's Tower is going to come first, at least an initial attempt. I'll probably be lower level than any previous playthrough, and defnitely the earliest along in the main plot. Probably the first time too I've attempted without a healer class in my party. We'll see how far I can get.]

    [Day 119 Continued]


    3PM. After exploring the hills and ruins around the Ulcaster ruins, I had been injured from battle and as ran set it, we decided to rest on a plateau across the valley from the ruins. When it's near midnight, we'll head in; after all, the sun doesn't shine in the dungeon regardless.



    [Day 120]

    4AM. I cleared the dungeon overnight, mostly dread wolves and dire wolves, although some jellies managed to cause some major damage.


    I had grabbed a rather unique looking book belonging to Ulcaster, thinking it may somehow put to rest the wandering spirit on the surface who continues to mumble about arcane knowledge. I located the apparation again and indeed, the spirit was relieved to have the book.


    Not sure my raid here is going to keep the wolves out permanently, but at least I disarmed whatever traps were left in there for adventurers that come after me.

    [Day 121]

    2PM. Back in Beregost and set up a new stash in this town: the back upstairs room of the Jovial Jugger, the left set of drawers. This is mostly for magical arrows I no longer have a need for (Safana uses a crossbow).

    Ulcaster was fairly trivial, but regardless, doesn't look like there's much more I want to do before giving in to my temptation and making an attempt at Durlag's. The possible treasure we could gain from the Tower and the sense of accomplishment we'd feel from a successful raid are both driving factors. I'll stay another night in Beregost, but there's definitely not anything here I'm eager to stick around for.

    [Day 123]

    3PM. We arrived at Durlag's tower in the middle of the night and made camp near where the merchant Erdane was stationed, eager to dig in in the morning. And it was indeed a morning full of fighting. While clearing the outside of the tower, I had to slay no fewer than four Battle Horrors. These enemies may be among the toughest I've faced so far, but it was great battle experience for my party.

    Xan landed a Ray of Enfeeblement on the first two I encountered, while I drank a Potion of Invulnerability, which limited the amount of damage they could do. But the final two, stationed on the walls of the keep themselves, I had neither advantage. They landed heavy, frequent blows, and it just took Kai and many more potions of healing than I would have liked. Before going any further, I'll head back to where I made camp earlier and recover...




    [Day 124]


    11AM. I explored the dungeon a little further, traveling a floor up, defeating ghasts...and eventually encountering a lesser basilisk when we found a portal to the roof. We retreated back downstairs in a bit of a panic, and the giant monster chased us down. The rest of my group ran around a corner, and I drank a Potion of Mirrored Eyes, rendering its attacks useless. After we slew that one, we discovered a trio of GREATER basilisks on the roof of the keep. Downing an Oil of Speed and ANOTHER Potion of Mirrored Eyes (my last, even though I still have a couple of scrolls of protection from petrification), I made the bet that I could take out all three before my gaze immunity waned.





    [Sadly I have to report: I reloaded once here, breaking my streak of almost a month. The PC death (petrification) was entirely avoidable, but it was a clear-eyed dice roll decision I made so I'm going to log it and live with it: After seeing the first lesser basilisk and running back downtairs, I had the choice between a potion of mirrored eyes (1 turn), a blue scroll of protection from petrification (1 hour), and a green scroll of protection from petrification (6 hours). Being the good non-metagamer I am, I decided we only saw one lesser basilisk, so makes sense to just use the potion and save the scrolls. Being the not perfect non-metagamer I am, I knew there were more basilisks after we killed the first one, so I decided my PC made the decison to *immediately* lead the charge aroud the exterior of the tower under the reasonable hunch that there COULD be more basilisks. Well indeed I quickly found a greater basilisk. Not knowing how much time was left in the potion (couldn't have been 60 seconds around, right? Maybe 30?), I started wailing at the GB, getting it down to about 20% (rest of my party was down the stairs). Of course, the potion wears off. I make a run for the exit...I save twice vs. the polymorph, but got hit with the third. Damn. I should have just taken it slowly and scouted with Safana which would have made more sense. Who cares if I use another potion or scroll?? Serves me right for my metagame overstep.]

    12PM. I encountered a thief named Bayard, who had taken his leave from his companions who were apparently at some depth into the dungeon already. I will admit, his tale of death in the air did shake my confidence a bit. I have definitely not adventured in a place like this yet. But I need to put that aside; nothing so far I've seen has been beyond our capabilities, and I should remember that.






    [Note: Xan hit level 7 but I have no level 4 spells memorized and no scrolls to scribe...sigh, I feel like Xan on this one... I don't think I'm going to make the three-day trip up to Ulgoth's Beard to potentially buy some...not yet, anyway. Maybe I'll find a better breaking point soon, or a stronger reason to go.]

    [Day 125]

    7PM. After some more crawling, our pockets were about stuffed with loot and we had to emerge outside to trade with Erdane. We were exhausted and spent, so the entire next day we made camp on the desolate cliffs outside. We fought a rather large contingent of gnolls that seemingly appeared to ensure we didn't get any peace.

    Erdane can't identify magical equipment, but I don't have so much yet that it's necessary I make the trip west to Beregost.

    So we re-enter Durlag's Tower. My plan is to finish with the first large underground level, and then visit the very top of the tower, where I have not yet been.


    My current party is:

    Majkfoucce - Level 7 Kensai (Aule's Staff)
    Safana - Level 7 Thief
    Dynaheir - Level 6 Invoker
    Xan - Level 7 Enchanter

    Reputation: Heroic (19)


  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 106
    [Slogging through Durlag's Tower with a tankless, healerless party, so not a lengthy update here. Not very happy about my fight with the 4 Warders but I elaborate on that below...]

    [Day 125 Continued]

    10PM. The first lower level was sprawling. After fighting some spiders, we spoke to some mysterious Warders stationed by what looks to be the way down to the next level.


    We faced a very tough battle when we found a trio of Greater Dopplegangers. I was able to carefully manage it, initially. Dynaheir cast Web, Fireballs, and Lightning Bolts from just around the corner, leaving the Dopplegangers confused and helpless at her wrath. One was killed and another fled in panic--he spilled out into the main chamber of the level, but we eventually cut him down. When we returned there was one left--badly injured, but Hasted. At this point, I thought that standard battle tactics would bring us the victory but the monster hit too hard and too fast. I could not drink healing potions fast enough and realized there was a real danger I could die--he also cast Mirror Image, so that made it harder for the rest of my party to kill him.




    I realized I had to RUN at some point, and even then it still might be too late. I had Dynaheir summon some monsters from a wand, but that failed to distract him from me. Eventually I saw I had Xan in position to cast Aganazzar's Scorcher, which finally brought it down. Good battle experience all around, if a little close.



    [Day 126]

    7AM. Feeling the need to rest and recuperate, I avoided headed out to the desolate cliffs and their gnoll attacks. We holed up in a bedroom on the second level of the tower, figuring we were relatively safe having cleared out the surrounding floors. We'll visit the merchant this morning...

    Out in the sunlight, and still hobbled from the battle with the Dopplegangers (ugh, no healer), it looked like my near term future was to head back in and rest in that bedroom for the rest of the day into tomorrow morning. But now that Dynaheir is ready to scribe level 4 spells along with Xan, I feel like it's a wasted opportunity not to try to find some level 4 scrolls, which means to head to Ulgoth's Beard. If I'm facing anything else as tough as those Dopplegangers--very likely--then I'm going to need more arcane firepower. So instead of headed back in, I'll say goodbye to Durlag's Tower for now and head to the Beard, by way of Beregost and High Hedge, since I also am carrying a lot of unidentified magical treasure.


    [Day 129]

    2PM. On my trip north, I'm able to buy some Potions of Mind Focusing from Gellana Mirrorshade. I speak to Dorn but it looks like he's moved on from needing me for any type of plot for vengeance...he simply tells me to "begone." Sure thing. I may still check in from time to time...


    [Day 131]

    7AM. Mission successful. The previous day I had made it to Ulgoth's Beard; Xan scribed Emotion: Hopelessness and Greater Malison, and Dynaheir scribed Improved Invisibility and Monster Summoning II. After staying the night, I head south to start the three-day march to Durlag's Tower.


    [Day 134]

    8AM. After a long, uneventful trip back to Durlag's Tower direct from Ulgoth's Beard, I resumed my dungeon crawl from where I left off, resting by Erdane on the cliffs before entering around 3AM. I battled through for a few hours, but the monsters in this dungeon definitely hit hard. With a skeleton warrior, we almost had another close call.


    Safana has been a nice surprise, as she's detecting most traps--I think she missed two so far, but the damage was contained. However I think I need to make more use of potions. Since I don't wear armor and there's not another warrior in the group, for these tougher battles I generally will need something to increase my fighting capability, or share some of the load in melee, like some summoned monsters. Dynaheir's Improved Invisibility and Monster Summoning II are very nice, but she only cast cast each once per I should remember to consumables (non-healing potion consumables, that is). Going to rest for most of the day up in the tower again and return when rested and healed. The first lower level is almost clear...




    [Day 135]

    11AM. I performed all the tasks for the Warders. Unexpectedly, they all came to life and began to attack our party. I shouldn't have been expecting this, and it was a very difficult fight. Luckily, I had somewhat of a preomonition that this would be an extremely dangerous battle, so I had some mental preparation for it.



    [I reloaded once here when "Love" casted Skull Trap and just completely decimated my party, killing Xan and putting the rest of us into single digits. I made an effort but it was basically over at that point. Reloaded a second time...withdrew a bit in the beginning and held my own, but eventually got destroyed by a Skull Trap in a similar manner after my Kensai stopped being able to keep up with the damage taken. Third skull trapped again while trying to withdraw. And a fourth time... For the fifth and sixth times, PC was Dire Charmed off the bat and the rest of my party was slaughtered.]

    [After this time, I had to RP that I had some sense of danger that this Warder was going to attack us, and I should take some initial precautions. Otherwise my party would just be destroyed every time. So I updated my positioning and cast Improved Invisibility on my Kensai--figured these were reasonable precautions to take if you weren't sure you were about to be attacked or not. As soon as the battle started, my PC drank a potion of Cloud Giant Strength, and Dynaheir started casting Monster Summoning II. One of Dynaheir's next actions was to summon more monsters from a wand, which I believe was the difference between the winning time and the other times I had to reload. That and initial position and II buffing. Had to reload a seventh time to start off, even with the pre-positioning, but that was the last reload. Finally took my own advice from above with the consummables]

    [So maybe I implement some rule for myself: If I have to reload three or four times, then I walk away, and say I'll return to that battle at some later point (unless absolutely necessary, in which case I'll pre-buff and pre-position)--I'll RP we sensed it was too difficult for our party to handle. Sometimes that's a lot easier to justify than others. Once you get above four/five times reloading though it does feel like save-scumming.]

    2PM. I was beat up and injured from the fight with the Warders, but not wanting to waste the duration of my Potion of Defense and Cloud Giant Strength, I thought it wise to check on the very top level of the tower too, where I haven't been before. I encountered Kirinhale, some imprisoned spirit of some kind, and was able to kill her before she did any serious damage. Shortly after, the effects of the potions faded away, and I decided to take over Kirinhale's residence for my party and get some much needed rest.



    [Day 137]

    1AM. After a trip out to Erdane and another day of rest, we started digging into the second lower level. This looks to be another sprawling level; we fought one (very tough) Greater Doppleganger so far but have barely scratched the surface. One of my party's glaring holes is not being able to get rid of enemy illusions. One of my mages always has Detect Invisibility memorized, but that's a limited scope and and I haven't found any Detect Illusion scrolls yet. Since Tarnesh, Mirror Images have been an major liability for me.


    My current party is:

    Majkfoucce - Level 7 Kensai (Aule's Staff)
    Safana - Level 8 Thief
    Dynaheir - Level 7 Invoker
    Xan - Level 7 Enchanter

    Reputation: Heroic (19)


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