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ToEE, first playthrough.



  • GygaxianProseGygaxianProse Member Posts: 201
    Yeah, I'll stop griping about 3E at some is a 3E game after all...which as you point out, began in 2.5.
    It's too bad more games weren't made with the Troika engine, with 3E being so popular. It's not my favorite, but I can't really fault it for being what it is. AFAIK this is really the only solid isometric, turn based game in 3E (iwd2 plays nothing like this). It builds beautifully on Infinty engine ideas, albeit in a rules-y direction that annoys grognards such as myself.
    Perhaps they picked the wrong module? ToEE is a compelling choice, but if theyd used a masterwork originally in 3E, with a more connected narrative...whoknows.

  • RannRann Member Posts: 166
    Liked it at first, but never finished it -- like others mentioned, once I got into the big temple, I started to lose interest (and watching that ranger Elmo or whatever his name was swaying around drunkenly all the time kept making me seasick...) Playing the Hommlet part brought back a lot of PnP memories. :-)

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