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Dark Alliance

Groden23Groden23 Member Posts: 0
edited September 2012 in Off-Topic
I'm super happy about you remaking this game that I haven played yet. (Getting it now)
But I was thinking, what about a remake / continuation of Dark Alliance 1&2?
I've read all the reports about the copyrighting fights and stuff... but if you can do this, I say give it a try!

Anyone else agree?

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  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738
    I really, really liked the Dark Alliance games, but I don't think Overhaul is interested in working on them, like TrentOster said, they're commited to isometric RPGs at the moment.

    I think it also has something to do with what games need an Enhancement, and I think the Dark Alliance games still hold up well today.

  • WinthalWinthal Member Posts: 366
    edited July 2012
    The Dark Alliance games aren't bad when compared to others in the action/fantasy genre, I don't have anything against them per se (they're fun), sadly they don't have much of anything in common with their namesake. I think these games were made when times were getting tough for interplay in an attempt to gain some broader commercial success and cash in on the good name of Baldur's Gate (to save the company). These games were not then the product of the same passion that fueled the original BG saga, but rather of compromises and sad financial realities.

    I think Overhaul/Beamdog really wants to bring back those (now) old-school games they were initially passionate about creating and playing; really deep, text-heavy RPG games that really impact those who play them emotionally.

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