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Has the movement bug from BG 2 been fixed? *no action*

AkuroAkuro Member Posts: 93
edited November 2012 in Fixed
So here's my problem:

I've installed Baldurs Gate 2 with TOB on my Win7 64 Pc.
When I'm shapechanged into some of the taller creatures (Troll, Golem etc. but also in Slayer form) I sometimes encounter a kind of movement bug.
The creature's legs stop moving and instead of moving it just "hovers" or "slides" above the ground. That bug looks really weird and destroys the immersion of the game. This problem often occurs when I'm under the Haste effect, too.

I don't know any solution for this and hope this will be fixed in the BGEE!

Mods I've installed in chronological order (maybe that's the reason...):

BG 2 Fixpack
BG 2 Tweakpack
D0 Tweaks
Tutu Sounds
Tutu GUI
Dungeon Be Gone
Banther Packs
1PP v6

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