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Help Modding in Custom Portraits to BG:EE Please!!!

RavenXRavenX Member Posts: 86
I remember being able to mod in my custom pictures into BG 1&2 much easier the first around. It seems a little different now though, either that or I've completely forgotten how and what to

I found the "Portrait.bif" file located in "\Data\00766\data". Now, how do I open it? Is there a tool currently that works? I'd very much like to add me and my wife's pictures to the game. Any help is much appreciated and if this thread goes well we can all use it as a "How To", at least as far as portraits go.

I already know about custom pixel sizes and correct color setting and all that. I just need the basics of either getting into the ".bif" files or how to make a over-ride folder work with this version.

Thanks in advanced for any help :)


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