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Ft/Cleric or Ft/Druid?

leddyhsleddyhs Member Posts: 54
I'm starting a new playthrough this weekend as a fighter/druid of fighter cleric. It's only meant to be for Baldur's Gate 1, so I'm working with the 161000 XP limit.

This means that within that limit, the maximum level for Clerics is 8 and maximum level for Druid is 10, and with the leftover XP, I can either get Ft6/Cl8 or Ft5/Dr10. To me this seems huge. Fighters get their profiency point at lvl 5, so the only gain from 1 more Ft level seems a little extra thac0, but you lose 2 thac0 from having 2 less levels on your cleric compared to druid.

So Ft/Dr looks better not only from that standpoint, but also for a few other reasons:

- Because level scaling you get more out of spells as lvl10 caster than you get as lvl8.
- While the 4th level spells for druid are a bit more limited limited, the fact that Druid gets to level 5 and with Ring of Holiness and Wisdom tomes can get total of 4 lvl5 spells where Clerics get none.

This is why I'm wondering why Ft/Cleric is so popular over Ft/Druid, even in BG1?


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