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Unable to save game

I've been a couple of hours into the game now and finally reached Nashkel. After first recruting Rasaad and then encountering the conversation loop bug as mentioned here I'm now unable to save my game. It tells me that the game has been saved succesfully but if i try to reload it just brings up the older save. Even tried to start a new character but that doesn't help either. Did anyone else experience this? Any workarounds or will I have to dump this game till they finally patch it?


  • SnowballSnowball Member Posts: 1
    Same problem here ...
    I had no problems with Rasaad btw.

  • onelasttryonelasttry Member Posts: 3
    I don't really know what to do now... All I want is to be able to play. Fair enough, there have been a couple of bugs so far - like the blurry text problem - but nothing really game breaking like this. I totally understand that they didn't squash all the bugs before releasing the game or even introduced a couple of new ones due to the platform port, but this really fucks me up! plz fix this overhaul!!!

  • daffydaffy Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, im playing with the old version...cause i ended up buying that instead of the new version for some strange reason...but im in the nashkel mines...and suddenly i cant save! i end up at the windows screen and it says "your unable to save, quit game?" or something like that...all i want is to play the game...this drives me mad!

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