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High level resources in BG:EE

DrEastDrEast Member Posts: 113
I'm not sure this belongs in the "modding" section, but I wanted to discuss it. I tinkered around after removing the level cap in EE and found that the character progression was good, including excess spells (on my sorcerer) all the way to level 9, although the Wish spells were understandably borked. (They'd summon the genie, but he has no dialogue file, so he just sits there.) However, the HLA tables are empty (or have useless entries). For the sake of saying some insane player wants to write up a high level campaign for his friends before Beamdog gets around to BG2:EE, does anyone know if there is any way to use existing BG2 resources to insert the HLA table into BGEE? It's already got the HLA progression for the characters, it just doesn't put anything in the slots.


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