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Initial Impressions of the Game (Probably the 50th thread on this, but wanted to share anyways)

gfm50gfm50 Member Posts: 124
Good news: Single player is terrific. Great job Overhaul! Most fun I've had in a single player RPG game for years. Sure there are some bugs here and there, but whatever, far less than with GOG BG with mods. The three new NPCs and new content are amazing btw. Dorn is easily my new favorite NPC in the entire BG series.

Now the bad news: multiplayer is a complete mess. I realize it was released as a beta feature, but my friends and I are craving so bad to play BG:EE multiplayer and it is totally unstable and FUBAR with more than 2 people playing at once - which makes us very sad since the single player is SO GOOD and we so badly want to experience that as a group in multiplayer. Add a 3rd or 4th person playing and multiplayer literally starts being governed by something akin to quantum physics lol: players exist and don't exist at the same time, etc. If you have tried muliplayer with 3 or more people extensively, then you are also aware of the hilarious "double tap" trick to even see people in the launching screen for the game (the 3rd and 4th players need to join the multiplayer game twice to even be seen in the game). If anyone knows, what is the timeline for a more stable multiplayer patch? I am waiting in eager anticipation! =]

Feedback? Think I am being unfair or too fanbois about anything here?



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