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Baldurs Gate 2 and Throne of Bhall



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    2013 is the best they can say. BG:EE hit many snags along the way, already taking 18 months. BG2:EE won't take as long as the hardest part (the engine/UI reworking) has already been done. But all art needs to be upscaled as well as dialog and scripting bugs fixed.

    I bet there's a few guys at the studio already working on BG2:EE.

    I find it a bit disappointing that they didn 't keep the same artwork, even reworked, and yesterday as I tried the game I played BG1 and BG:EE introduction videos several times in order to compare the feeling they left me.BG1 was the winner.So I really hope that they leave the artwork as it is in the next game, even if they update its technology, because I feel the BG1 artwork was better.That 's my opinion.

    P.S.:("Spoilers!") Where are the chanters that chanted the return of Bhaal prophecy in Candlekeep??!Although I may have lost them because I went there at night :P
  • drechanadrechana Member Posts: 53
    They are on the west wing of candle keep main castle outside.
  • ShakaUVMShakaUVM Member Posts: 5
    Aosaw said:


    And actually, the additional content is a lot more than one or two hours. I believe the advertised "average length" for the new content is four hours per NPC. So for iPad users, that $10 to upgrade to the full content with all three new NPCs and portrait packs and voice sets is giving you a net gain of 8 hours, plus additional replay value for customizing your characters.

    Neera's content is about an hour, give or take. I don't know how much content the other new NPCs give. But Neera is certainly not "4 hours".

    I bought BG:EE because I want to see Baldur's Gate continue to be worked on and improved. With only a very few improvements, I would wholeheartedly recommend it to friends. For now, I'm recommending they just play BG TUTU instead.

    (These would be: better resolution for the UI at 1080p, eliminating the screendoor dithering... especially on water, and maybe smoother character animations.)

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