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Customizable scripts?

Maybe you guys who have played BG on PC can answer this one. Do you think it would be possible for customizable scripts on the iPad version? The scripts that are there are ok but are pretty basic and there are definitely some tweaks I would like to make to them. If it can't happen I'll be ok with it but it would definitely be nice if it were possible.


  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    I suspect this is one of the items the devs want to support when they get the time and ability to dig into what it will take to do iPad customizations. Right now, the iPad version doesn't have official "customization" support to it.

    In several threads the devs have stated that they want to support customization and that the method they're looking at is the "document share" method on iTunes.

    That said there have already been posts allowing you to "edit" the game files (in essence adding cheat support) by using a tool that allows you to get directly to the files of BG, downloading them, using a save game editor, and uploading the saved game. There MAY be a way to offload/onload a user created script for characters too.

    Check out some of the threads from the last two days.

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