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Gnoll Challenge Bug

AitricAitric Member Posts: 4
edited November 2013 in Fixed
The Gnolls in AREA 5200 (SW of Nashkel) don't seem to be working correctly. I tried this several times with varying results.
1. Accepted the challenge, the gnoll attacks Imoen. I killed the Gnoll with my main character. 35 xp awarded for killing the gnoll.
2. Accepted the challenge, the gnoll attacks Imoen. I deal around 30 points of damage to it with Imoen. The gnoll appears to stop attacking, but still follows Imoen when running away. I initiate dialog with the gnoll and he tells me I won. The gnoll resumes attacking Imoen.
3. Told the gnolls I was going to kill them. They all turn hostile. I attack the main gnoll with all characters and deal a good amount of damage. The gnoll initiates dialog and tells me that I won. I am awarded 500 xp and all of the gnolls walk away.

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