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Empowering music, for a time that needs it.

BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,399
This is shared from one of my music colleagues on YouTube. I was first wondering why there was such jubilant music to represent a fiery, icy plague. Well, I just sang through it as Bass II, and now, I think I get it. The music is empowering. As in, it makes you feel like you could throw a plague of fire and ice on those who are evil, if you wanted to. If you need a boost, try singing along with this, with your own voice part, choir I or II doesn't matter. I guarantee that you will feel ready to fight all evil by the end.



  • Kitteh_On_A_CloudKitteh_On_A_Cloud Member Posts: 1,629
    The sad thing is that the root of evil can't be purged, so in a sense, fighting against evil is a never-ending and demoralizing chore.

  • MoomintrollMoomintroll Member Posts: 1,481
    I think the jubilance reflects the mood of the story; Finally the deliverer has come with the voice of god and the plagues he brings are a miraculous showing of god's power.

    I can't help feeling that there is nothing but evil, about the slaying of the first born which follows.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,399
    @Moomintroll, I agree with your musical analysis. About the other part, in a serious discussion, I would also agree that most of the actions of God depicted in the OT are evil from a moral standpoint. I am an atheist for this, and many other reasons.

    However, to enjoy a Handel oratorio based on bible passages, I think you have to just kind of go with it, as a fantasy story. The music brings an emotion of empowerment and victory, which is refreshing, as long as you don't start thinking about it too much. I didn't really post it to start a discussion of good and evil; I just thought it was an uplifting musical piece.

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