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Drizzt Do'Urden

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  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    edited December 2012
    Part of the charm of Drizzt's BG1 appearance is that it is possible, though difficult, to defeat him. There's dialogue in BG2 that references this, so making him unbeatable (which he would certainly be if they made him as powerful as he's supposed to be) would be a mistake.

    I do think, though, that rather than making him arbitrarily potent in his .cre file, they should have made him a proper level 16 ranger. Kind of like how Thalantyr should have been a proper level 17 mage with proper level 17 mage spells.

    Elminster should be a (rule-breaking) Fighter/Thief/Mage of sufficiently high level to trounce anyone who threatens him, too. Missed opportunities...

    AndreaColomboPantaliontypo_tilly[Deleted User]
  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    Drizzt is already ridiculously overpowered beyond what he should have. He's already got an AC higher then any of the bosses in ToB, and has a chance on hit to deal +45 damage, if you fail a save vs death.

  • MornmagorMornmagor Member Posts: 1,160
    edited December 2012
    If they're going to improve Drizzt in any way, let them first make him a proper character, not a ridiculously overpowered and rule breaking attraction that passes as invincible.

    Other than that, if that happened, he could have some healing potions i guess, or his panther. His AI is already better, you can't use every trick you could to beat him.

    Also, the standard drow of later BG2 you mean ToB? Because Sendai's enclave has epic level fighters in there. Underdark drow of SoA are not harder than Drizzt, they don't have 100+ hp and -10 AC or -10 Thac0. I'm not sure even Sendai's drow have stats like that.

    Yeah i know, i think i'm biased against Drizzt. He's lame, although it's more probable that his creator and writer is at least partially responsible.

    /rant off

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    I'm with @Mornmagor a bit. Drizzt (and similarly legendary characters) should follow their PnP counterparts. The stats exist, so it's just a matter of making the .cre files reflect that.

    It would be much more interesting, for example, to fight Drizzt legitimately and be able to say, "Yes, I did defeat him fair and square" or "No, he was too powerful for me at my current level."

  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited December 2012
    His stats are actually correct for 2nd edition, they just gave him a much lower base AC then he's supposed to have, higher MR, and that on-hit effect, which was originally supposed to simulate dual-wielding (though how a save or take +45 damage simulates dual-wielding, I do not know). He also has effective GM. Shows as having 4 1/2 attacks...which seems a bit high....should be 3.5 if dual-wielding, though GM would make it 4.5.
    He also has 30% resistance to phsyical damage..just noticed that...need to remove that as well.

    So yes..

    Set his base AC to 10 (total of -7), raise his thac0 to 5 (total of 1 (I imported Motolio's cloak and put it on him, negating his dual-wield penalty)), replace GM with ** Scimitar (total of 3.5 attacks), get rid of the creature weapon and equip him with his swords properly, drop his MR to 60% and remove the physical resistance, and he'd be legit. (already altered him in my game. He's still quite challenging but no where near as OP as he was).

  • MadhaxMadhax Member Posts: 1,416
    Yeah, I'd rather see Drizzt fight smart than just be a collection of overpowered numbers as he is currently. I had never fought Drizzt in BG1 before, so I CLUA'd him in at my final save to fight him, and I was underwhelmed by the experience. He was simply almost impossible to hit, and resisted every spell I threw at him, so it simply became a race to see if I could get enough lucky shots in before he killed my tank.

  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Member Posts: 1,336
    edited December 2012
    Drizzt's BG:EE implementation I do not care for. They used the same system from BG1 where he uses a false weapons and proficiencies. Since his weapons are not actually equipped you can pick pocket them.

    I would of rather of had them make him a true level 16 ranger with appropriate proficiencies and use his real weapons. He would be an easier battle, though.

  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    I've got his corrected stuff mentioned up there. He's about as hard to kill as Sarevok is 1v1, well..a little easier since he has less hp, but does have a slightly higher AC and more attacks even if they deal a bit less damage.

  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326
    Not only do I agree with @Aosaw about giving notorious AD&D characters their PnP stats, but I'll also flag @Wisp as this is yet another nice component idea for aTWEAKS :-)

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