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Avenger and it's spider form vs. web spell

jolly_bbjolly_bb Member Posts: 122
edited November 2012 in Original BG2 Bugs
Just tested it while playing Avenger Druid (Chateu Irenicus in BG2):

-casted web
-turned myself to spider
-got hold by the web

Should not be spiders immune to web (at least own web)?

Might be like that for a purpose though. Any ideas?

Putting the properly formatted text in the right form, for sake of clarity, thanks to @Grieg:

Current behavior: Avenger Druid in spider form gets hold by web
Expected behavior: Avenger Druid in spider form is immune to web (especially his own)

Verified the web spell on Kitthix, the summonable spider (from figurine) just now. Seems that even if Kitthix fails save vs. web spell, he's still not held. I guess that makes it a bit pro-bug vs. pro-feature regarding the above.

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