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Gridle of Masculinity/femeninity must change character's voice

bobrodobrobobrodobro Member Posts: 3
edited January 2013 in Windows PC (Archive)
I changed Khalid's sex with Gridle of Masculinity/femeninity and made a new custom portrait for his/her new identity

BUT! New Khalid STILL has MAN'S VOICE. Its killing me!

Is there some way to make him sound like WOMAN?

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  • SelabocSelaboc Member Posts: 64
    short of having a female voice actror record all his lines, no. And it wouldn't just be Khalid, beamdog would have to re-record all the NPCs with different gendered voice actors to handle the possibility that a player might give that girdle to any one of them. It's frankly not worth their effort to do so. Perhaps it's something a modder could tackle. Frankly I'd be surprised if it hasn't already been done for Edwin (he seems to be the popular choice for give that item to).

  • TJ_HookerTJ_Hooker Member Posts: 2,438
    If you're really desperate you could try speeding up the audio (assuming you're able to extract the sound files, edit them, and then re-insert them into the game), but you might end up souding more chipmunk than feminine.

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