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BG2: Kit specific quests

mjsmjs Member Posts: 742
edited January 2013 in Archive (Feature Requests)
Nothing major, cos i know this would be a massive piece of work, but possibly through the stronghold quests can we get another quest that's specific to the kit? the end reason being to have a kit specific item as the reward, in order to give an incentive to lesser used kits. For example, i did a playthrough with a Wizard Slayer in BG2, ages ago (and loved it) and it wasn't till i came to these forums that i realised that the Wizard Slayer has so many drawbacks and almost nobody uses them.

So once your Wizard Slayer/Kensai/Berserker gets the D'Arnise keep, they get an extra quick, relevant quest. A Wizard Slayer might have to stop a meddling mage trying to attack the castle. A Kensai is challenged to duel, a Berserker...i'm out of inspiration.

So the underused Wizard Slayer could get a "magical item" that complements his kit. Distributing the extra items in the fashion means a single playthrough isn't littered with another 50 items and sneaky Thieves can't use Use Every Item to abuse them too and kits get another tick for using them, rather than dual or multi-classing.



  • MadhaxMadhax Member Posts: 1,416
    Berserker stronghold quest: A Barbarian bursts into the main hall of the keep and demands a fight to the death for choosing a much superior class =P

    But seriously, this would be quite interesting. After all, with Kensais and Berserkers being such polar opposites, having the exact same stronghold quests is a little odd. I'd especially like to see something like this for Paladins: Inquisitors could hunt down a coven of necromancers, cavaliers could be sent after a dragon, and undead hunters could tussle with some liches.

    It might be a bit daunting for the Mage stronghold, though. That's a lot of specialist options.

  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    Cavalier and normal paladins go after Firkraag (as current), the Inquisitor challenges the Twisted Rune, and the Undead Hunter tracks down Kangaxx.

    Clerics already technically do that.

    That's all I can come up with....the rest don't really fit per say for individualized quests. Druids, mages rangers, thieves, bards, fighters wouldn't matter their focus, since their strongholds are just generalized book-keeping basically, and seeing to normal duties as expected of someone in their position.

    The paladin's final quest is more to prove themselves, and thus defeating an evil foe(s) who matches their job focus would be acceptable.

    Normal Paladins seek out Firkraag, for his instigating the murder of those paladins.

    Cavaliers seek him out for similar reasons but also because he's an evil dragon.

    Inquisitors track down and destroy cabals of evil spellcasters, which the Twisted Rune's Athkatla chapter very much is (and would be an excuse to throw some quest-line work towards revealing them, as originally planned).

    And Undead Hunters seek out to destroy evil undead beings, and since Kangaxx doesn't otherwise have any quest hooks, it'd be a good way to let people do that fight from a role-playing perspective.

  • mjsmjs Member Posts: 742

    for the Mage stronghold maybe you would only need to differentiate between the sorcerer and the mage/specialists? i didn't really think about them...

    i like the paladin idea too, with the Undead Hunter getting a cool crossbow! i guess it wouldn't always have to be very combat orientated either. like the Beastmaster has to calm a stampede of animals that have been aggravated by a nearby mage, with the aim to charm/not harm any the animals and still defeat the mage in order to get a special beastmaster club or a ring that makes all animal summoning spells summon...WEREANIMALS! or something

  • NifftNifft Member Posts: 1,065
    I like this idea.

    And Undead Hunters seek out to destroy evil undead beings, and since Kangaxx doesn't otherwise have any quest hooks, it'd be a good way to let people do that fight from a role-playing perspective.

    Kangaxx is the Berserker special quest ;-)

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