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Can't get Rasaad's area to reveal

I'm having trouble getting Rasaad's area to reveal on the world map. I've had him in my group since Nashkel and had the conversation about what happened in his past. So now in Baldur's Gate we get jumped by some monks, we kill them off and pick up a note about some guy in the blade and stars. In another part of town we get jumped again by some monks, but this time they drop nothing. However, at this point Rasaad makes a comment on how we should look into things further. I head to the blade and stars, also wrapping up the first part of my poisoned quest. I give the scroll the to the Lothandar and then kill him. I only mention this cause the guy for the monk quest starts screaming *aaah they are hiding in cloudpeaks* or something, even though he's not involved in the fight. So then I talk to him, make some threats, get some info and he offers to take me to some hideout, I tell him to get bent and kill him (sorry can't remember all of the exact options) when he goes hostile. Rasaad is like... ok well at least he told us where they are hiding, we should head there as soon as possible!

Problem is that area is not on my map. The guy didn't drop a note as some people have indicated he should, and there was another thread about some entrance close to the Seven Suns, but I've been in the entrances I can find, except the merchant league (warded against magic/regular lock picking) and can't find any hideout. I've also been to Nashkel mines and exited south, but no new area appeared.

Either I'm doing something wrong/missed something or something glitched for me :( If it's the former, then I don't mind a spoiler at this point since I really would like to wrap up his quest before moving on in the story. If it's a glitch then is there some way I can set it right using debug mode without messing up the remainder of the quest/my game. Thank you for your assistance.


  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    edited January 2013
    SirK8 said:

    In another part of town we get jumped again by some monks, but this time they drop nothing.

    This is weird - there should only be one ambush. Where specifically did this happen?

  • SirK8SirK8 Member Posts: 527
    I'm pretty sure the second ambush was in the area with the Flaming Fist compound, but there was no dialogue, just 2 monks suddenly chasing my party. I'll try the note when I get a chance. Thanks.

  • SirK8SirK8 Member Posts: 527
    @Jalily - I was able to try this and as soon as I consoled in the note I got a message that my journal and world map updated. However, there was no new journal entry (just the one I had prior saying I had tracked the man down and he had revealed they were hidden in cloud peaks), However cloud peak was revealed on my map now and Rasaad did initiate a dialogue which was new. Thank you for the help.

    Just a note to anyone else though, you may find this useful, the cloud peak area is tucked away in the far lower right corner of the map and even after it's revealed you can't quick travel to it right away, I still had to travel to Nashkel mines and exit south.

    I'm not sure why my original problem occurred. I am fairly certain that I had looted the body, but I have no save prior to that so I can't check. So either, the note didn't drop, or it dropped, I missed it and it disappeared.

  • SirK8SirK8 Member Posts: 527
    Follow up on this. Can I still access their hideout in/near the Seven Suns or is that closed off cause I axed the guy?

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