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Game saves no longer shown.

For no reason my gamesaves, all the way at 25th day, are no longer being shown under the 'load game' option anymore: load game button is disabled because it doesn't appear to recognize the files existing. The game files are still under the correct path, I didn't change anything, and campaign always starts with the nietzsche quote.

Is there any way to force the executable to recognize the existing files?
Or maybe a way to manually load one of my numerous saves?

I would stop playing all together before I start over.


  • WigginnsWigginns Member Posts: 18
    I had this issue when I first installed. When I first played the game I was running it as an admin on my computer (because I needed to to run the setup) consequently it created the saved game directory in the Admin's documents, instead of my own documents. Try right clicking and doing "Run As..." (on XP) or "Run as Administrator" on Vista/7. See if your games exist then.

    Alternatively check your documentsandsettings\user\documents folder and see if there is a folder called Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. This is where games are saved.

    Lastly you could log in to an administrator account and do a search for "*.sav" (I think is what type of file the baldur's gate files are) on your hard drives. The * just means it will search for any file that ends in .sav

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